Friday, 26 July 2013

A memorable road trip

It had been a dull week,to break the monotony I planned with my friends to go in search of some excitement.What could be better than a road trip.To feel the exhilaration as the wind ruffled our hair as we would move through different scenarios.My friends were an assorted lot,a photographer,a drummer,and a teacher.
My teacher friend Anurag had a peculiar habit of not taking a bath on weekends.On other days he was a very prim immaculate person but come weekends the child in him surfaced and his untidy looks were enhanced by his unkempt hair.My drummer friend Sid used very strong smelling deos and he selected very weird smell ones..My photographer friend  Vasu reeked of tobacco.It was decided that I would take my car for the trip,My friends had collected at a common point and as they made .themselves comfortable ,my car was filled with a heady concoction of strong smells.It was so overpowering that I felt dizzy but them it dissapeared .I rolled down my window  as we approached a petrol pump ,a truck overtook us from the wrong side spitting a cloud of smelly diesel smoke into our car. I got the tank filled up for the trip ahead as we were heading  from Delhi to Rishikesh.
We first felt that we are heading towards the country side when we went beyond Modinagar.
We stopped en route to sip hot tea from the mud bakes cups. The aroma of tea got enhanced with the aroma of the mud cups.
Going further toward Meerut we were greeted with rain and the earthy smell of  raindrops falling on ground was very refreshing. However as we approached Meerut we felt the strong smell of molasses hitting our nostrils. We bought some freshly made gur(jaggery) on our way.We came across many fruit vendors selling variety of fruits that we could not resist buying them filling the car with their fruity flavour.
We took lunch at road side eatery (dhaba) where big welcome boards were displayed. The music was playing out loudly belting out bollywood songs. The dhaba boasted of a live kitchen where a tadka was being applied to the dal before being served. This enhanced our hunger and in spite of the food being a bit oily we had our fill.
Soon we crossed Roorkee and had our first glimpse of the distant hills. The breeze was fresh and inspiring. We passed Haridwar and landed happily at Rishikesh. In the evening we attended the Aarti, which was a site to behold and we even floated dia’s in the holy river. We retired early as we had planned to go river rafting the next day.
After a successful expedition we headed back home reliving the pleasant moments of our journey. The route we took was

On reaching back Delhi ,I had to give my car a good wash at it had quite a lot of dust,soot and grime on its exterior. However to the surprise of my friends the interior of the car smelt as fresh as always because
besides my three friends I had another secret companion my trusted Ambi pur car odour killer that released its fresh  aroma in the car and killed all the bad odours keeping the car smelling fresh as always.