Sunday, 7 August 2016

Let us Live it up before we die

The Story starts with the words 


So it sets me thinking so someone has decided to kill oneself OMG! But then the mind begins to reason . The narrative starts with Dear world so the person writing these lines has still some emotional bonding left with the world why else would he address the world as “Dear World” ? Perhaps this person may not kill himself immediately. Hope that some good sense prevails or some help reaches him to prevent him from taking such a drastic step.
Such is the narrative of the story telling .It is gripping to tell the least. As the story progresses it progresses through the 31 chapters that are very well written. One is always involved with the 4 main characters Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani. It is hard not to relate to the highs and the lows of their lives.
As the story progresses it unfolds a tale of love, passion, revenge and deceit . I often felt that I am not reading a story but watching a movie for the story is fast paced. The author does not waste time in unnecessary detail perhaps it is the style of the author Sriram Ayer.
The narrative unfolds like a powerful screenplay where the most powerful scenes have been retained that tell the story of the lives of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani as it unfolds in the backdrop of a college campus. Their lives have the fair share of sorrows & joys. All along there is an underlying melancholy that keeps building up the tension. Perhaps as a reader one can feel what the protagonists are going through. They all have reasons to live and sometimes reasons to die but one of them succumbs to the pressure of life and its stresses and calls it quits.Who did it is not something I am going to write here and spoil the interest of the readers .Instead I would share a gripping section of the story that made me think am I actually reading a story or watching the narrative unfold in the form of a film.
There is an instance in the story where the author in one of the chapters “CAESAR MEETS DRAUPADI” uses the words...

I begin to wonder have we not all experienced this emotion at some point or the other?
So what sets those apart who survive and move on to live another day versus those who quit and decide to end their lives?

There is a role play in this part of the story between Charu who plays Draupadi and a person who plays Caesar.
They have both lived their eventful lives and awaiting judgment near the Pearly gates.
I begin to wonder life is beautiful and Death is the ultimate truth but why shorten it by suicide. After we die ,all the hard work that we have done goes to waste. The grades that we have earned are of no use nor is the money that we have made. We would no longer be able to enjoy the company of our loved ones nor any worldly pleasures. So why quit? Let us live life to the fullest.

So what is my advise to everyone?
For one this is my survival guide that I use all the time
1) I keep telling myself that life is like an ice cream eat it before it melts. There is so much in this life that is enjoyable so we must make the most of all there is to enjoy. The nature, fresh cool breeze, the sunrises and the sunsets ,the chirping of the birds are all the simple joys of life. At times our day to day stresses get to us and we forget to enjoy this ice cream called life.
2) Life is like a pressure cooker. It is and I do not deny it. But just like the pressure cooker has a system to release the steam and a safety valve in case things go wrong. Similarly even we should have a safety mechanism. It could be a daily routine of yoga and breathing exercises.
3)Share your feelings with trusted close friends, siblings and parents who are our support system and the gas (read stress) release mechanism.
4) Always remember that death is inevitable and there is no escaping it but there is so much of life left to be lived before we die. For once we are dead and gone we cannot come back. Cannot spend time with friends, parents, loved ones, not eating of favorite food ,no ice creams !
5) In case you feel like killing yourself then talk to a counselor.
6)There are sucide helplines where you can call and talk to a person who would listen to you and who can actually HELP you.
7) It is a good idea to get in a positive frame of mind to do this
list all the positive things and joyous moments of your life
make a list of people who care for you and a list of people you care about go and spend time with them.
8) Remember life is not a rat race. There is so much more to it . Spend time with people you can confide in, your family and friends who understand you.
9) If you fell the pressure is perpetually there to kill yourself due to situations that are beyond your control get to talk to a councilor.
10) There are self help groups which one can join and under the guidance of a trained person one can learn to come out of a difficult situation of life ALIVE.