Monday, 30 November 2015

Yummy Ghia-Doodhi Halwa

Yummy Ghia-Doodhi Halwa
Ghia/Doodhi Ka Halwa
Preparation Time ~ 20 min
Cook Time ~ 40 Min
Servers ~ 4 People
4 Cups grated bottle guard / Ghia /Doodhi
1 Cup Milk
½ cup desi ghee
Sugarfree Natura for sweetening
Take a cooking pan. A heavy cooking pan is suited so that the Ghia halwa does not get burnt.
Add the grated ghia and milk and bring it to boil.Add the ghee and keep cooking till the ghee begins to leave the sides of the pan. Keep stirring so that the ghia does not get stuck to the pan and get burnt.
The consistency of the ghia milk mix would have thickened by now.Add the cashews & resins and mix well. Add Sugarfree Natura as per taste to sweeten the halwa. Mix it well.
Yummy Ghia/Doodhi halwa is ready and can be served both hot as well as cold.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 commandments for getting and retaining soft and healthy baby skin

From the moment I saw my little sister for the first time I was awe struck by the little ones beauty. Curly hair,big black eyes and dazzling creamy and gentle skin. I was almost scared to touch her for I did not want to harm her and cause her any discomfort. Even to a five year old boy that I was she appeared a tiny and fragile doll who was so delicate.
The moment a baby arrives in our home and our lives everything changes. Our entire life begins to revolve around the baby.
Babies are very delicate and their skin is the only shield that stands between them and the outside world. A baby's skin is very gentle and delicate. It needs extra care as it is the one thing that protects the baby from the external elements. For a baby its skin is the armor that guards it from external infections, germs,organisms and the elements. A baby's skin being gentle needs extra care and nurturing.

The first thing that my mother did was to always ensure that my little sister lay on a soft sheet so that her soft skin would not  get bruised due to the constant kicking and moving all babies indulge in.Another advantage is it is easy to remove and change.This also means frequent washing and drying too. A small sized cloth dries quicker as compared to a big one so this helps you ensure that  you do not run out of soft and dry sheets at any given time. It is a good practice to keep a sheet of water proof material.This is done to avoid any fluids leaking to the lower bedding and surroundings due to spilling of water,milk or other liquids.As wet surrounds lead to dampness and possibility for bacteria and other infection to thrive and harm the baby by virtue of skin allergies and infections.  We invariably used light colored and soft fabric for the baby as it is gentle to touch and does not cause any discomfort or rash to the baby's skin. The light colors are soothing to the eye and its easy to spot any dirt or wetness on the light colored fabric.

Checking and changing nappy's and diapers at regular intervals:
It is a good practice to check at regular intervals if the diapers have got dirty and need a change.
It is important to not let the baby be in a wet diaper as it not only gives the baby an uncomfortable feeling but can also result in skin irritation, rashes and infections.
An important aspect and addition to the diapers are disposable diapers such as Pamper Premium care pants. The biggest advantage is that they are very gentle and do not irritate the baby's skin.Its cotton like feel is #SoftestForBabySkin and lets the baby skin breathe. They can absorb up to 5 glasses of liquid from its srface and keep the baby dry up to 10 hours.
This means that one pampers dry pant can last the entire night and can not only keep the baby dry for the entire night and let it sleep undisturbed but also the tired parents can sleep in peace with the assurance that the baby would remain dry throughout the night. It has baby lotion to protect the delicate skin of our baby from inflammation and rashes.
Use soft cotton clothes that are loose so that the baby can move freely and its skin can breathe. While cleaning them do not use harsh chemicals or strong detergents. Wash them separately for other clothes using mild detergents.
Cleaning a baby and bathing it is a ritual in itself.An oil massage with baby oil and then giving the baby a bath with lukewarm water helps to clean the baby and keeps its skin healthy and clean. Only baby soaps that are free from harsh chemicals should be used to bathe the baby.
Then pat the baby dry after a bath with a soft towel.
A baby's skin needs moisturization one should ensure that the moisturizer is gentle and suitable for a baby's skin.
It is important not to expose the gentle skin of the baby to harsh sunlight.
Protect the baby from insects and mosquitoes: Use a mosquito net and avoid using mosquito repellants that are chemical based and can irritate and harm the baby's skin.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

5 steps to keep your baby's skin soft

Beautiful,delicate,tender,soft are often the words used to describe a new born. When a baby comes into this world its needs begin to increase. The baby's skin is very delicate and soft and needs extra care and tending for it is that one thing that protects the baby from diseases,infection,heat and cold.However it is so soft and tender and gentle that it can easily be bruised or may get a rash if not properly tended to.
Quite often what people want to buy for a baby are clothes. In fact there are a range of clothes for babies out there right from the basic cotton garments to funky looking clothes that may use synthetic fabric.
While choosing clothes for babies always use soft cotton garment as the fabric of the clothes and also make sure that the clothes are not too tight fitting . Loose clothes let air in and out easily and let the baby grow naturally. Also one must ensure that there are no sharp attachments like broaches or emblems stitched on or attached to the garment which may cause bruises to the baby and no loose buttons that the baby may swallow accidentally.Avoid using pins in baby clothes which may accidentally prick the baby.
2) Quite often the moment we make the baby wear a new set of clothes we realize that the baby has made it dirty as it is too young and is not potty trained. So its time to change the diaper. Here comes an important part .The choice of diaper . Diapers and nappy's should again be of soft cotton and in case you are using the reusable ones then they should be cleaned ensuring that there are no soaps or detergents left in the fabric and the fabric should be inspected before putting on the diaper each time so that it is not hard as it may rub against the baby's skin and cause a bruise or a rash. Soap and detergent left in the diapers leads to nappy rash. So it is a must to wash them separately from other clothes and ensure the baby's clothes are thoroughly rinsed and no soap remains.
A disposable diaper such as Pampers Premium Care Pants with its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin is a good choice. They come in a number of variants. They are easy to put on and take off making them an excellent choice of diapers.
They have the capacity to absorb up to 5 glasses of liquid from its surface and avoid any spills out of the diaper. Each diaper is very soft so it does not harm the delicate skin of the baby. It has baby lotion added to it which keeps the baby's skin moisturized. Each diaper can be used up to ten hours, so one diaper can last the entire night and let the baby sleep without feeling wet as its special absorbent material absorbs and locks away any liquid and wetness from the surface of the diaper.
3) Choose Toys wisely. Toys are a baby's best friend and each baby has his or her favorite toys that they want to keep close to them. While buying  toys choose wisely. Make sure that they are soft and do not have any sharp edges that can rub against the baby's skin and harm it. Also try to read the packaging to check if the toy is suitable for the age of your baby. Ensure that there are no sharp edges that make cause cuts or bruises to the baby as invariably little ones try to put anything into there mouth, ensure that neither can they cut themselves with the toy nor should it be so small that the baby can swallow it.
4) Take care of the baby skin by applying a mild moisturizing cream to the baby to keep its skin soft and smooth. As baby's skin is delicate exposing it to harsh sunlight can lead to sun burns, rashes and irritation. Avoid taking the baby out in hot sun for long hours that may cause a heat stroke if taking the baby out in the summer months apply sun tan cream suited for baby's delicate skin and try to keep the skin covered.
5) A daily body massage with a baby massage oil helps to keeps the baby's skin as soft, supple and healthy. In addition olive oil ans coconut oil can be used for the massage.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Saturday, 28 November 2015

bypass "Device not compatible" error message in Google Play Store

Every time you buy a new smart phone it gives you a feel good factor.However even before the shine has gone off there are other models that come to the market and at times you just want to look away from that bigger screen model or the octacore model for you do not want to buy a new phone every few weeks.Then a day comes in the life of your smart phone when you want to install an app on the smart phone and when you press the install button on the play store and a message pops up that the app is not compatible with your phone. Then you realize that the android operating system which was the latest at the time you purchased your phone has become old so the newer apps cannot be installed on your android smart phone. You cannot just junk the phone because it would not let you download a game or install an app so what do you do?
I have an easy solution that works in most cases. This is a method that bypasses the warning that the app is not compatible with your phone. This is a method that I use for android apps

Step 1)
Visit on a desktop PC or laptop

Step 2) In another tab or window of browser open

Step 3)go back to the tab/window in which you have opened
Search and identify the app you want to install .
Right click on the address bar and copy its address url

Step 4) Paste this field in the filed named package name or google play url
Click generate download link

Step 5) Click on download to save file to desktop or laptop
Step 6) Attach this file in email and send it to the gmail that you access on the mobile you want to install the app on
Step 7) Open the received mail on the mobile device and download the attachment.
After the download is completed the app will get installed on the mobile phone or device.

With this simple method one can install the app on the mobile even when the app is said to be incompatible.

Monday, 16 November 2015

The Gojrej Interio Upload and Transform Experience

Winning is a very unique feeling that gives me a high like no other. The winning gets even more special when the prize is a  transformation from Godrej Interio. Godrej Interio being India's leading furniture brand with a diverse range of products that are both functional as well as elegant.
I got lucky thanks to the Godrej Interio Contest going on at

From the moment the news of my winning reached me I waited eagerly for the transformation to  materialize. Then finally the news came that the team from Godrej Interio would be visiting my place to do the transformation.
Finally the day came for the team to arrive. I was super excited as it is Diwali time and the time of the year when I do up my home. Getting insights from the team Godrej Interio as well as a transformation of my living room would make my Diwali extra special. Over a period of time the experts from Godrej Interio asked me my choice of colors and the kind of look and feel I would like to have for my room and based on my choices and preferences they arrived at a moodboard for my living room. Then started the wait for the actual transformation.

I waited for the team from Godrej Interio to arrive.
Even though there was still time for the team to arrive yet I felt so excited that every time the door bell rang I rushed to open the door!
Then at the appointed time the expert from Godrej Interio arrived.
                                                            Natalia from Godrej Interio

She discussed at length the process of transformation and all that would be involved in the transformation. 
To give my living room the look and feel that was desired first the walls needed to be done up.
Hence the process of painnting the walls started.

On one side the paint for the walls was being prepared
 Then the process of painting the walls started

Day 2
The team from Godrej Interio had  decided to give an Opulent plush decor to my space. Sounds interesting,Right but will they be able to complete all the work before Diwali? this was the thought on top of my mind
Where as the work on my living room continued.
The walls getting a final coat of paint.

The furniture began to arrive as per schedule

Everything was working at a fast pace. Another expert form Godrej Interio came to unbox and assemble the furniture.

In another development my moonda's or Puffe's are being upscaled with a fresh coat of paint

Day 3
Its Diwali Day :Outside the sun is beginning to rise but my room is witnessing dawn of another kind

The Paints have all dried up and my room awaits for the final leg of the transformation to be completed.
Soon the entire team from Godrej Interio began working to complete the work on my room

As the world outside is busy getting ready to celebrate Diwali in their homes. The team from Godrej Interio is busy decking up my living room.

So well within time for the evening Deepawali Pooja my living room is all decked up and ready to welcome Goddess lakshmi the bestower of wealth and Lord Ganpati the remover of obstacles and making new and auspicious beginnings

Godrej Interio transformed my living room and gave it a plush and luxurious new look.I am sure that the room that they have created would have abundance of good luck,wealth,prosperity flowing into my home and the Sun of good fortune would remain shining and never set for me and my family. After completing this wonderful transformation  the team from Godrej Interio left perhaps to touch and transform the lives and homes of someone else...

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chase your dreams to be a winner

Life is an unexpected journey with its share of ups and downs. Life throws up unexpected challenges when we feel the sailing is smooth suddenly we are faced with a roadblock or a boulder that blocks our path. Some of us just sit there leaving things to fate and there are others amongst us who dare to take each obstacle as a challenge turning each opposition and challenge into an opportunity and coming out a winner. They thrive on challenges and each challenge makes them get stronger and reach higher in life.
School life was fairly smooth for me. Thereafter I began to witness the harsh realities of life. Suddenly I found myself having landed in the big bad world where you need money and infact lots of it for anything you want. Right from college admission to expensive books everything needs a lot of money. I had always wanted to join an engineering college and now I realized that due to lack of money I could not afford to pursue the engineering degree I was so eager to pursue.
Seeing so many of my classmates join the courses of their choice despite the fact that they had lesser marks then me made me very depressed. It was a feeling of standing at the station and watching your train leave.
I relinquished my dreams of a bright professional future and took admission in a correspondence course as I wanted to earn enough to support myself. In those days there were very few job opportunities for fresh school pass outs like me as neither did I have a professional qualification nor did I have any job experience. As luck would have it I landed myself a job in a garment export unit in another city. I relocated to this city and took up a paying guest accommodation. As I had joined a correspondence course I had no difficulty in moving to another city. I worked hard in my first job and was promoted to the post of a supervisor. There was an increase in pay and for the first time I felt that my life would be smooth from hereon . However every evening when I returned home I was greeted by an elderly couple who were my neighbors. They used to take coaching classes for neighboring children who could not afford education. Seeing these children study used to remind me of my dreams. Even though I had given up my dreams but perhaps there were still some sparks left in the ashes of dreams burnt down by the realities of real world.
Sitting with this couple was a soothing experience for me. When they asked me about my future plans I told them I had none as I was here to earn some money. Even the correspondence course studies had been put on the back burner my me. They encouraged me to think and plan for my future as I was very young and could achieve anything that I set my eyes upon. This was their motto. I confided in them about my dreams and shared with them my feelings that I felt that my dreams had been left far behind.
Hearing the story of my life this elderly uncle whom everyone knew as Ramesh Sir shared the story of his life. I was surprised to know that he was a qualified engineer from a reputed college .When he shared the story of his hardships I was overwhelmed my the magnitude of challenges faced by him. He was the son of a poor landless farmer. At an early age he had to work to support his family of six. Everyday he would walk about 5 miles to go to school. After coming back he would help his parents in the fields and it was only in the night that he got the opportunity to study that too sitting under the sole lamp that was installed outside the village heads house. He had never had a smooth going as everyday was a new challenge. Braving the weather and the elements he marched on to educate himself and five of his siblings. He told me how he took the competitive exams but could not pass in the first attempt as he had studied in a vernacular medium and all the papers were in english. Instead of giving up hope he took up the help of a school teacher and learned the English language for a whole year. Next year he appeared and successfully cleared the entrance exams. This conversation proved to be very motivational for me my problems were so small as compared to what he had faced. Now my next question was can I too train under him and try to attempt the engineering entrance exam once again ? He ready agreed to train me. He told me that becoming an engineer and getting a degree should not be my sole motto. The life of an engineer is full of challenges both mental as well as physical. He was very focused and determined person who helped me learn and respect time. I began to do and achieve more within a given day due to better time management. He taught me to foresee situations and prepare myself for all the possible outcomes . When I looked at him I saw a person who had self belief. He was very motivated and had the quality and the ability of motivating others .Being with him helped me bring out the best in me. He had an engineering degree from a reputed college and an illustrious career behind him so why did he leave all that. Instead of reaping the fruits of labor and hard work why had he given it all up to live the life of a school teacher who teaches underprivileged children for free?
To which he replied. That there are so many good engineers out there who can do the job that he did but he could be more productive here helping train and engineer the futures of so many young people. What about the engineering degree that he had worked so hard to earn ? To this he replied that engineering or any study for that matter is all about a state of mind. He still uses his skill to undertake community projects like building a rain harvesting system for the community or setting up a solar panel project for a remote village. Despite having achieved so much in life I was touched by his simplicity,f ocus ,dedication and selflessness . Instead of making loads of money for himself and living in a lavish style he was touching other peoples lives with the magic of his genius.
He was a man truly #madeofgreat who trained me and helped me achieve my dream of becoming an engineer. After I graduated I went to thank him and before I left his parting words to me were “never stop dreaming and chasing your dreams. Our dreams are what keep us alive and give us a reason to strive, reach out and be a winner in whatever we do.”

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