Sunday, 23 August 2015

Celebrating Life with the maxfreshmoves

Dance is the ultimate form of relaxation and getting refreshed. Letting oneself go with the music makes you release the negative energies that tire and drain you. Both dancing and music are also very therapeutic as they not just help us forget the worries but also ups the levels of positive energies in our bodies. As we dance along a good song or piece of music we feel the flow of positiveness through our system. As we move about in a dance our heart pumps more blood that carries more oxygen to our entire body and we feel refreshed and revitalized. This is just the feeling That one experiences watching Allu Arjun dance and show his maxfreshmoves as Anushka Manchanda sings along. This may be the physiology that happens inside the body but it simple terms the experience is exhilarating and out of the world. Since one feels like listening to the song and watching the dance sequence again and again so it automatically falls under the category of addictive. The feet begin to to tap and the hands begin to move. It all happens so spontaneously that it is a moment to behold that celebrates life to the fullest.

I was in the mood to record and share my maxfresh dance move with my friends. As I played the music and was about to record my moves to be shared with the world. I got a liittle surprise. My aunt who was sitting on a chair suddenly started dancing to the tune of the maxfesh song by Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Seeing her age the last thing that I would expect from her is that she would break into a dance that too with such enthusiasm and vigor on a Allu Arjun song. The Music got to her and she started dancing. It is a high energy number and she improvised some very ingenious moves using the packs of Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste.In a span of over two minutes that the music played she dances non stop and gave quite a performance. By the end of the show I was truly impressed and amazed by the level of performance and energy showed by the lady at such an age. She mentioned after the dance that she is already feeling better . Her face was glowing with the satisfaction of having performed a dance so well.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G Better then Buy 1 Get one

We often get offers like when you buy one soap you get a match box free or when you buy a toothpaste you get a toothbrush free but how many times have you got an offer when you pay for a smaller product and get a bigger product or service in its price. That's exactly what Airtel is offering to its subscribers .Airtel 3G subscribers can use and browse the internet at 4G speeds. Its just like paying for a cycle ride and getting to ride a Ferrari. However unbelievable may it sound yet it is true. This offer is not just for bigger cities and metros like Delhi but is applicable in 296 cities across the country in which Airtel is offering its 4G services. To use the Airtel 4G services with your 4G compatible service you need to have an Airtel 4G SIM to use the Airtel's 4G. To enhance the use and ease the process of making the 4G connections available to more and more people Airtel is offering a free 4G SIM . People desirous of getting there free SIM delivered to their addresses are required to send a tweet #GetAirtel4G . Getting on to the an speed Airtel 4G experience is easy and uncomplicated. Usually whenever a faster and improved service is introduced the cost is passed on to the consumer but this is one of the fewer instances where a 4G service that is faster and better is being offered in the price of a 3G service making it the best part of this offer.With a 4G service around all the users of the service can expect a lightning fast browsing and downloading experience. The cloud based
downloads,uploads and the apps that use a lot of data are going to work faster as the download and upload times would be greatly reduced. A plethora of services like video calling ,watching streaming videos, live broadcasts of sports like Olympics,Asian games and cricket matches can be viewed in real time as events. For people who telecommute the work experience would be richer and more rewarding as they can anytime connect with, clients and colleagues using the faster and more efficient 4G services. I find the roll out of the Airtel's 4G services in 296 cities a precursor to the 4G services being present in the entire country. So even when one is touring or students who are staying away from parents and their family would have the great opportunity to interact with anyone in real time through video calls and conferencing. I believe that these faster 4G services from Airtel could also be used to provide essential services like health care services to the remotest part of the country via Tele medicine with Airtel 4G forming the back of the communication network. If properly utilized the 4G services can help create the infrastructure of a digital India where even the remotest corner of the country can utilize the fast speed of the 4G Airtel network to provide school education and professional training which would be at par with the best institutions of the country.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Asus Zenfest 2015 a Photo tour through the eyes of my camera

I recently got an invite to the exclusive superpass invite to the Zenfest 2015 held at Delhi

Stepping inside I found myself standing face to face with SRK and Salman Khan. I realized that they were bollywood celebrity lookalikes and visitors were happily getting themselves clicked with these celebrity lookalikes

Zen fans  were getting tattoos made

The entire premises was full of zen fans who were there to have some serious fun.

So when the fun started it was the begining of a breattaking performances by a combination of drummers and acrobats.

chairman, Jonney Shih addressed the fans and took the festival forward

A breathtakingly spectacular performance by drummers who at times performed suspended in air yet they never missed a beat or lost the rhythm.It was like a bollywood  dream sequence unfolding on to the stage.
Then the ASUS team started highlighting the features of the ASUS Zenfones.

With a 64 bit Intel ATOM processor powering the zen phone you are assured of a performance that can be rivaled by few.

In between the host Cyrus Sahukar kept the audience entertained with his one liners and quick witted jokes.

 ASUS Zenfone was celebrating the zenfestival to acknowledge the love, loyalty and faith shown by its fans around the world.

In India itself ASUS zenfone has sold over 1.5 million handsets since its launch.
One by one the ASUS zenfones were brought on the stage and their features were highlighted.

Zenfone 2 deluxe that has a very elegant exterior finish due to merger of technology and aesthetic design was showcased.

ASUS shared with its fans the details of the technology that goes into crafting the phones exterior.

Team ASUS shared with its fans the benefits that they would be able to reap with the zenfone 2 having 4 GB of RAM. This would mean that not only would they be able to open and switch between multiple apps at the same time but they would also be able to do everything faster.

ASUS zenfone has been designed to give the maximum viewing experience so it strives to maximize its screen to body ratio with its evety model.

The ASUS zenfone team elaborated and highlighted of its various models and also shared the pricing for its various models

The ASUS zenfone team also showcased the various useful apps that would be present on their phones.

They showed the very useful beautification app that can apply makeup to your images and instantly make you look beautiful in your images.

Just then the vivacious and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha stepped onto the stage.

As the first proud owner of the zenfone selfie she helped us understand the features of this phone that is designed to take selfies.

Then they unveiled the features of the ASUS ZenPad7.0 and its pricing in India.

Whatever zenfone you may choose what remains common to all the zenfone models is the easy to use and navigate ZenUI.

As they highlighted the features and utility of the ZenCircle I was eagerly waiting for Zenny the mascot.

Finally Zenny arrived on to the stage dancing.
Then Zenny answered questions sent in by its fans.
All in all it was a fun filled informative festival that all Zen fans would have enjoyed.

My Home the nest for my Dreams,Hopes and Aspirations

I have always believed that a home is not built just with brick and mortar but it has to be built with the bricks of my aspirations and decorated with the fabric of my desire. It needs to reflect my style and be really distinct just like the Earl Grant Song Number fifty-four,

The house with the bamboo door,
Bamboo roof and bamboo walls,
They've even got a bamboo floor!
I want my home to be the talk of the town

Since I live a fast paced life, I want my house to be my perfect place to relax and unwind. It should be equipped with the most modern amenities yet the design elements should be ergonomic and eco friendly. Even though I live in a metropolitan city in the middle of a concrete jungle yet I would love it if I could have a small waterfall or a fountain within my home so that I could look at it and instantly feel connected to nature. I am sure the sight of water flowing down from a waterfall or a fountain would be a very soothing experience for the sore eyes which get tired after constantly staring at the laptop.
I always wanted a home from where I can watch the sun rise and sunset and see the birds chirping as they sit swinging on the branches and the trees tops. However living in an apartment surrounded by high rise buildings it remains an elusive dream that can only be fulfilled if someone could design the interiors in such a way and use such a time controlled mood lighting that it could create feel of a sunrise and a sunset withing the home. It would also be great if the various rooms of the home can be designed to give me a feel of the various seasons. I find the sound of chimes and bells very fascinating. So strategically placed wind chimes and bells would add to the d├ęcor. It would be even so wonderful if I could wake up to the sound of conch es and bells like the sound that comes out of the temples in Banaras and in the evening around tea time it would be nice to hear the sound of church bells like the once I get to hear in churches in Switzerland and Austria as the sounds come piercing through the pristine clean air and welcome you to a beautiful landscape. I would love my home to be have automated temperature control and ventilation and at the same time have adequate seating and lighting arrangements so that I may sit in any part of the home and do my work.
Since I am so inspired by all those Bollywood movies that I have seen I yearn for a home with I garden and when I experience the sweet fragrance of the flowers emanating from them and spreading freshness and cheer into the lives of every member of my family I am sure the song that would be playing in the background would be (the song from the Hindi movie Baseraa)

kabhi paas baitho kisi phul ke paas
suno jab mehakta hai bahut kuch kahta hai
o kabhi gunguna ke kabhi muskura ke
kabhi gunguna ke kabhi muskura ke
kabhi chupke chupke kabhi khilkhila ke
jaha pe sawera ho basera wahi hai …

Since my home is not a concrete structure but a nest where my hopes and aspirations live I want it to be elegant,chick and vibrant because after all

na mitti na gara na sona sajana
na mitti na gara na sona sajana
jaha pyar dekho wahi ghar banana
ye dil ki imarat banti hai dil se
dilaso ko chhuke ummido se milke
jaha pe sawera ho
jaha pe basera ho sawera wahi hai
My home is the place where I can relax and unwind after a hard days work. Its ambiance should be such that I should forget my worries caused due to the work related stress. For me my home is the place where my loved ones gather together. My living room has always been the focal point of all my activities. Each wall of my home is always throbbing and pulsating with life. Each nook and corner has a memory associated with it. I love to entertain as I am a party person so my living room should have ample seating arrangement for my guests. The seating arrangement should be a combination of soft cushioned sofas and recliners. Most importantly I would love to have a full wall sized TV screen so that I can enjoy either alone or with my loved ones my favorite channels as well as the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. As I stay in a upscale posh locality my living room should exude charm and grace and I want it to be the most prized place of my home. My Heart is where my home is. In essence my home reflects my personality and what I am. We are not two different things but one identity.
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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pasta Goes Green

Every one loves pasta and for this recipe of mine I have used Chifferi Rigati.from Delmonte. I used this pack as it uses Darum wheat and this makes the past not just healthy but also easy and fast to prepare .

Since this recipe  "Pasta Goes Green" is aimed to make a healthy dish I have added fresh sprouts that are a rich source of proteins and vitamins.

 I have also used fresh cream tofu as I want to make sure the women in my house specially my mom gets a good amount of calcium supplement in the diet.
All women should take care that they get plenty of calcium so that they do not suffer from calcium deficiency and related complications like Osteoporosis and weak bones as their age advances.

Pasta 200g
Sprouted Whole green Pulse 50 g
Boiled corn 50g
1 small boiled Potato pealed and diced
Cream tofu 50g-Diced
Olive oil for cooking
Garlic 2 cloves
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Basil Leaves
Onion chopped and diced
For the sauce
Pumpkin 200 g
1 small boiled and grated potato
1 medium sized onion grated
cumin seeds
Parmesan cheese 75 g grated for garnishing

Boil the Pasta in a boiling pan and add a little salt to it. I let it boil t till it was oridante

Remove the pasta from the flame and strain the excess water. Keep this water separately.

Boil the corn and the potatoes (I usually wash to potatoes properly then boil the corn and the potatoes together)

For the Sauce grate the red pumpkin and the potatoes.
 Grated Pumpkins

Grated Onion

In a cooking pan take 2 tsp olive oil and let it heat. Add ¼ tea spoon of cumin seeds to this heated oil and once they begin to splatter add the grated onion. Then add the diced pumpkin. Add salt and let it cook. This will form the sauce for our dish. Once ready turn off the heat . one can add the water used to boil the pasta that we had kept aside to make the sauce. I sometimes add julienned ginger
 and chili flakes to this sauce. I have purposely used pumpkin in this recipe as I want to emphasize the importance of it s taste and the health benefits of this vegetable.
 Cooked Pumpkin

Once cooked take it off the heat and once cool enough Use a hand blender to blend this sauce when it cools down a bit. Keep it a little coarse in texture.

Ready Pumpkin Sauce

In a cooking dish add olive oil and once heated add the grated tomato and let it cook

once cooked add salt and mix then added all the ingredients and mix well.

I add the chopped onions as I like them crunchy. If one likes them cooked and soft then one can add them to the oil before adding the tomatoes.
I usually add the tofu cubes last as it is soft and can crumble due to tossing and stirring.
 Once everything is mixed and cooked add the oregano and mix well.
For the plating
I  spread the pumpkin sauce in a round circle on the  plate and in the middle added the pasta .I     
garnished it with grated cheese and basil leaves. I had save some tofu that added to the plate.

Hot and healthy pasta is ready to be eaten.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Getting in the fast lane of life with Airtel 4G

When I think of 4G I think of speed and people like me who want everything fast in life be it success, promotion or moving up in life  are bound to crave for a higher speed of the internet as we constantly multitask on our mobiles,laptops and desktops . So the promise or shall I say the challenge of a fastest internet that Airtel is offering makes me wonder is it a mere hype ? or is it actually true? I crave for a faster internet speed specially when I want to watch the youtube videos. I find the endless buffering kills the joy of watching a video on youtube. I have been so frustrated with the never ending buffering that I have ended up removing the youtube app from my mobile device . The best test even before a viewing a movie would be to try and download the youtube app itself . The good thing about Airtel 4G is the #Airtel4GSpeedTest.To perform this test one has to send a twitter message to Airtel in the format @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Name of the App> .By sending this tweet one can find the time required to download the app on 2G, 3G and 4G networks. So I sent airtel the message @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest youtube. In a jiffy I got the message which read (

Wow downloading an app in just 14 sec in 4G as compared to 1 min 36 sec in 3G and 60 minute in 2G looks a very sweet promise but will this estimate live up to the expectation? Let me put it to test.
I open the play store and it opens in a jiffy as if I am browsing a local file from my desktop. I search for the you tube app and the search page immediately shows up the youtube app. So much for fast browsing let me test the download speed. I start downloading and start monitoring it . Surprise surprise it did complete downloading the app in 14 seconds on a 4G network. When I open a full fledged movie even that plays very smoothly and I feel the experience to be as smooth as watching it on TV. I am sure that this 4G network will make the experience of watching live sports events such as cricket matches very smooth and enjoyable experience.
Wait! Just as the movie buff and the sports fan inside me is beginning to enjoy the promise of fast 4G internet offered by Airtel, the skeptic in me once again raised its head and reasoned. “Youtube and movies is one thing . How about apps such as games that take a long time to download ? How about putting the #Airtel4GSpeedTest to the ultimate test by downloading a game”
So this time I chose a 3d car racing game and tweeted to AIRTELINDIA in the format @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest Fast Racing 3D. Soon I got a reply which looked like this

“Downloading a game in 14 sec on a 4G network in India!!! .Are you kidding me?” The skeptic in me once again spoke up sarcastically. It was time to test these results once again. I started downloading the game and waited for it to get completed. The wait this time was short and sweet. As promised by the test result the game was completely downloaded in 14 seconds ( Yes you read it right fourteen seconds and there is no typo here) And soon I was playing and enjoying the game.
With all the doubts cleared I am satisfied with the fast speed of the Airtel 4G network is sufficient for all my downloads and surfing the internet. Everything is smoother and faster. I am still using the #Airtel4GSpeedTest @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <Name of the App> . However now it is to show off and boast to my friends and colleagues how fast my internet browsing and downloading is.
I have tested the speed of Airtel 4G and I am loving it. For those who do not have a Airtel 4G SIM, I share a simple trick to get on the Airtel 4G bandwagon. Just SMS #GetAirtel4G and Airtel would send a free 4G SIM to you. Can getting a 4G connection get any easier ?