Sunday, 27 September 2015

TV is Personal Again

Quite often I think that there is someone running this universe however I get perplexed thinking as to why this some one who build the universe and all living beings gave me family members who have so different taste from me specially when it comes to choice of viewing TV programs. 
 The TV viewing has  becomes a constant battle of the remote .When I want to watch a cricket match my mom wants to see her favorite Soap, My Dad wants to view the news and my little sister wants to watch and sing along a music channel. I used to think that it is only my predicament however this is the story of every household from my neighboring Sharma Ji to the top floor Verma Ji the battle of the remote rules every household from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
Once upon a time not so long ago being able to record and playback the TV broadcasts used to be one of the items on my wish list. Those were the golden times when there were only a few channels vying for our attention. In those days of Yore I did manage to get some time to watch television. However with an exponential growth in the number of TV channels . My share of TV viewing keeps going down with the launch of every new TV channel. The funny part it even with so many channels around there is so little entertainment available when I have the time to watch the TV so the need of recording live TV has become an immediate necessity.
If I could record live TV then I would never miss a match as I could replay each match and view it at will. Like any cricket lover I would never miss a six hit by our Indian cricket team not would I miss out on any wickets that our team scalps.
As an ardent cricket lover who eats ,drinks and lives on cricket I feels pangs of depression when our team loses a match specially the big tournaments like the world cup. So playing back and viewing old match winning game replays would be very therapeutic and uplifting experience for me that would encourage me to record all the cricketing action where team India is involved.
I feel I would be able to help my mom a lot by using the recording feature as she would not only be able to watch the daily soaps that she misses while attending to the household chores. Also it would save her a lot of time if I could skip or fast forward the ads in her daily soaps.
I have tried dedicating songs to my friends in class however whenever the request or dedication is played the person invariably is not present to view the dedication. So if I record the dedication I can surely earn some brownie points with friends while I playback the recording.
Another very important thing that I would like to record and playback is old classic movies that I find are invariably scheduled at very odd times like way past midnight or during the day when I am not at home and free to watch them. Since their rerun does not happen too often the ability to record and playback the movies at a more suitable time would be a boon for an ardent movie admirer like me.
Now I have found a magic genie which has changed the whole scenario. No more the regrets for the missed telecasts due to lack of time or power outages .Now there are no ifs and buts. It is  a yes all the way and a smooth sailing for me with the new Tata Sky+ Transfer .With this tool in my hand I have become the blue eyed boy of my family who is like a media mogul who schedules and controls the entire program playback schedule filled with programs that we want to see and that too at our preferred time.
I am much in demand now as all my family members want to see one or the others favorite shows again or at a more convenient time. Now whenever me and my family members want it becomes a prime time for us and the TV plays only what we want to see.The even better part is I am no longer in need of the TV set to watch the recorder TV . I and my family can watch it on our own devices like the mobile, Laptop or the Tablet. Finally my TV is mine again


My Home a Vision Painted With Love

My home is not just a structure made with cement, concrete,steel and other building material that needs to be hid away with paint. It is not inanimate but a living thing throbbing with life and a reflection of the personalities of the members in my household.

All the individuals that live in my home  have distinct choices when it comes to choosing color styling and d├ęcor of our home. As far as the bedrooms are concerned they are designed and styled according to their choice, but when it comes to the dining room and the living room there comes the discord. There are arguments galore as all the members want their specific choices to be the preferred ones. No one wants to give in and it becomes a matter of hurt pride leading to a lot of tension in the air. As a solution we thought of giving everyone a chance by rotation to design and change the dinning room but the main deterrent was the cost involved as painting is not an everyday affair. After putting so much of labor and money we expect the paint to last a few years. Then we chanced upon the #PaintFinder from the Bed Bath & More website

It is a wonderful tool that lets you pick colors from a chart. Then applying the chosen color as a theme to a room helps us visualize the room to be painted. The best part is that no physical labor or expense is involved in this exercise. One can pick and change as many colors and themes as possible.
This is the closest one can get to viewing the coloring effect without having to spend any money.

Out of themes we can choose the themes that we like or design our own. Even though it may sound technical but in actuality choosing color and applying a theme involved only a few clicks. Even designing our own theme was very simple and the best part is that one can share the theme images and get opinions from friends. This opens up a world of opportunities and combined creativity brings out some astounding results.
 Pick a theme and then click on a color to try it out
One can also save the theme or share it with people and get their opinion

Pick a color

Apply it to a room to see how the colors  appear in a room

The interesting part was that each one of us came up with quite beautiful themes and shades to go with it. 
 My moms choice

My Sisters choice

My  choice

My Dad's choice

To democratize the selection process we decided to cast a vote to select the final theme and colors. However there was more surprise in store for us as we ended up voting for each other designs as we found each others design to be better then our own!

This led us to another situation that this time we were vying to pick each others designs. To simplify the matter we revisited the #PaintFinder from the Bed Bath & More website

section and together we created a new design ! 

 The final color selection  that we did together

Similarly we came together and decided on a color for the living room as well
We chose this color as the green gives us a feel as if we are connected with nature even though our apartment is in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Now when we sit together in the living room we all take pride in the fact that we have together created this new look.

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More