Sunday, 6 July 2014

Its raining Pakoras -;)

The Rain was dancing on the roof top,calling for a feast.
The stage was set and the hunt was on.
Cauliflower was the target which was on the run.
It slipped and fell into the bowl of besan batter which had salt and flakes of red pepper.
It struggled to get out getting covered all the more and in a haste fell into the pan of hot oil.
It tossed and turned till it got golden brown.A pair of prongs slyly fished them out
The charming boiled potato spread out its white robe while the green pea and the yellow corn stood guard all around.
The cheeky cherry tomato
pinned it down with a toothpick through its crown.Lashes of cheesy cheddar encircled it with its arms
 while the  mint chutney chuckled and waited for its turn.
It was time to set up the Borosil Variety Platter Square,flatter the taste buds and stop the chatter
It was made welcome with Oohs and aahs and within the wink of an eye they were all gulped down
There was shouts of "We want more" but alas the cauliflower were no more.