Saturday, 20 February 2016

Save Tax by buying a Car

If you are self employed businessman in India then there is a fantastico news for you. If you buy a car and take a loan for it then you can get tax deductions.
Deductions from your payable tax through a car loan that is taken by you as a businessman if you declare the profit or capital gains earned from your business. One more condition that you need to fulfill is that the vehicle that you purchase must be bought in the name of your business. If this is the case then you get exemption on the interest as well as depreciation of the vehicle.
If you fulfill these criteria then you can include the interest paid for your car loan as tax exemption.
Such claim can be claimed under sec 80c
So enjoy a drive in a new car and enjoy cruising through the city or going for long drives listening to peppy music.
What if you are a salaried person ? In such a case you can use your car as part of a car pool. Going by the adage that money saved is money earned you could save and indirectly earn some extra money. If you have a spare car you could rent it out as a private taxi or approach a company that could pay you some money to use the car as a moving advertising board with all kinds of ads. displayed on its surface. However advertisers generally pay you higher if you run the car more then a certain amount of kilometers a day on a daily,weekly or monthly basis as this way their adverts reach the maximum number of eye balls.
Another option is to contact your local taxi operator and let him use it as a private taxi. However tracking the usage of your vehicle can be an issue that you may have to contend with.
There is an option that you can convert your car into a taxi under a radio taxi aggregator this way through the use of installed GPS and the app provided by the taxi aggregator you can track your car in real time. You can earn a revenue from your car and from there is the possibility of earning an additional bonus that could be linked to the number of rides that your car covers in a day and the quality of service offered by your driver.This is a nice way to augment your income.

However the best use of your own car can be using it to spend some quality time with family and friends. Try going to a drive in theater if there is one in your city. Long drives,Picnics and family drives are a recipe to create memories of a lifetime. Ask someone who has not got a car as to home much he or she misses enjoying weddings and parties to the fullest. Either you have to schedule your return before the public transport stops plying or adjust your plans to suit someone who could drop you home safely. Having your own car gives you independence to go anywhere according to your schedule and convenience.
Apart form the money you would or could make the independence you get by traveling in your own car is priceless.

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Love Breakup and business in times of Odd and Even

As the odd even driving rule was imposed in Delhi there were many effects some expected and some entirely bizarre. So when the rule states that on odd days odd numbered vehicles would ply and on even days even numbered vehicles would be driven it got a lot of varied types of reactions from people and here are some not so common ones
Breakup with girlfriend ~ The odd and even rule has made my friend  really upset. The reason is that both he and his girl have even numbered cars and on odd days his girlfriend teams up with her Ex to drive her to work and bring her back home too. When he asked her why her ex  only from all the people.She felt that a known Devil is better then unknown and even before my friend could feel relieved that his girlfriend had referred to her Ex. as devil she added and he is not such a bad guy after all. So why does she not use public transport, metro or take an auto or taxi? Good question but I would save that answer for slightly later in the post
New Alliances have formed formed: based on the  new found odd even compatibilities, new buddiess were found and new alliances forged. So don't be surprised if you found profile posts on dating sites saying I am a TDH tall dark and handsome guy looking for a date. Since I am having a car with odd numbered car.So kindly only those interested and having even numbered cars may respond. The same could be the case with matrimonial adds Required a match for well educated and well settled boy age 25 caste no bar,no dowry. The boy drives an Even numbered car so only those girls who have an odd numbered car may respond. Boy keen on very early marriage as there are no DTC buses plying from his home to his office.

Matrimonial matches: Even the uncles and aunties of prospective brides and grooms started looking for suitable matches with the added odd and even compatibility factor to solemnize an alliance.

So much so for business of life the news of odd even scheme was music to the ears of the auto and taxi drivers as if they had got a license to fleece the hapless passengers the way they wanted . The public at large being at the mercy of these guys. The share prices of companies selling CNG , CNG kits soared as people rushed to get the CNG kits fitted to their cars.
So coming back to the question of my friend and his girlfriend as to why she did not take the public transport or the metro? Well because there is no last mile connectivity. In simple terms what it means is for a lot of people who want to use the metro or the public transport the travel is not as smooth as it should be. There are no feeder buses or shuttles to take a person from outside his home to the metro and once you get down at the desired stop again the lack of public transport from the metro station to their desired destination. Hence one is left at the mercy of the auto and taxi wallas who have a free hand and behave in a lot of if not in all cases as if they are above law.

My friends girlfriend still prefers to travel with her ex as her mother still gets worried when she is is traveling by public transport and gets delayed perhaps the mark of being a not very friendly city for women has not yet been erased. There are more CCTV cameras but what about our moral responsibilities I would keep civic sense out of this discussion as there are things that we Indians are supposed to do and say in public but when it comes to civic sense we are not trained to even think about that but who knows like a dormant gene that too may decide to express itself perhaps if the government and administration puts a tax or a penalty for not using it.

Working for Peanuts

I recently visited old Delhi or the Walled city as it is commonly known as. Irrespective of the time of the day and part of the year that you go ,it is always bustling with people.Navigation through the streets is no mean task. People transacting,buying and selling and conducting the business of life.Some go there for work others to experience the old world charm,other find old delhi alluring for the food that it offers. For me it was time to retrace my roots. Actually I am a true Delhiite or Dilli Wala and I can trace back by roots up to 4 generations who were born and grew up in Delhi.In good old days of life in Chandni Chowk life was quite different. In the times when my grandfather or his father used to lived there and whom of course I never met used to be quite regal. In the lane that led to our ancestral home there were quite a few landmarks that one could recognize as I visited that place as a child. The path of Navigation down memory lane is not always smooth. As we entered the main gate of what once used to be a familiar lane bore a distinctly different look. Almost all the familiar landmarks of that lane have been erased. The first thing that we missed was the coal seller and his shop which was right at the entrance, Gone is the coal seller and gone are the coal marks that were there near his shop perhaps erased by the passage of times. The whole lane has been converted into a commercial market. There are very few homes left. Once we could hear the sounds of All India Radio playing out old peppy songs but now those homes are no longer there. Neither are there any familiar faces. The place where my great grand father used to sit and chat with his friend has also been demolished. Luckily the temple is intact where my grandmother used to go and pray.Our maternal home which was on the end of the lane is locked away as no one stays there any more. The walls either got demolished or could not stand their tryst with time. Yet the memories of this place are still intact somewhere on the canvas of my mind. I look back to take another look at my ancestral home or what is left of it and moved on as I walk along BaghDiwar and walk towards Fatehpuri. As this roads ends I find myself standing in from of a church that has stood the test of time. On my right is a peanut seller. Selling hot peanuts and popcorns. I buy some to eat and the hot peanuts are yummy. Perhaps I should take some just as we used to take them back home when I used to visit with my grandfather. I request him if he can give me a bag to carry the hot peanuts in and he gladly extends a bag. He begins to share his pearls of wisdom with me by saying “Pyar se maango to Sab kuch Milega” meaning if you ask lovingly you would get everything. Then he says now a days every one is living for one own self parents do not have time for children. Nor children have any time or love for their siblings.Then he asks me do you live here ? I point towards the direction of my maternal home “there is my Nanihal” or maternal home. Mr Md. Wali the peanut seller nods and smiles and say do come again.
I collect my bag of peanuts and a bigger bag of fantastico memories and walk away 

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For a fantastico drive in aamchi Mumbai

Mumbai has its charm when it comes to driving a car.Even though it is a crowded city yet it offers plenty of places where you enjoy going for a drive.
As I drive towards Chaupati driving through Marine Drive I hear the  peppy musical lyrics of the talented and versatile Kishore Kumar's Song Mannu Bhai Motor Chali Pum Pum Pum. It is playing from a neighboring old style Mumbai taxi. The lyrics go like this

Manu Bhai Motar Chale Pam Pam Pam  
Chopati Jayenge Na Bhel Puri Khayenge 
Chopati Jayenge Na Bhel Puri Khayenge 
Achi Achi Surto Se Najre Ladayenge 
Halla Machayenge Gulla MachayengeBand Baja Bajega Dhum Dhum Dhum
In essence the fun filled song reflects the importance of Chaupati and better still the whole of Marine Drive in the life of those traveling this stretch for on this stretch of the road I have seen some of the most elegant and beautiful cars that one gets to see in Mumbai.

Driving along Marine Drive is a pleasurable experience. The 4.3 K.M stretch  of road or boulevard in South Mumbai in the city of Bombay offers a fantastico view of the ocean .It is a six lane concrete road along the coast in the form of the letter “C”
This road runs along the coast which happens to be a natural bay. This road links Nariman Point to
Marine Drive is a 4.3-kilometre-long boulevard in South Mumbai in the city of Mumbai. The road links Nariman Point to the Babulnath Road and the famous and posh Malabar Hill. Marine Drive is situated over reclaimed land facing west-south-west. A promenade lies parallel to this road. Marine Drive is also known as the Queen's Necklace because, when the night falls and the lights are switched on this beautiful road when viewed at night from an elevated point appears like a string of pearls in a necklace.Navigation along this stretch of Mumbai is a favorite passion for a number of people and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai announced that the entire road would be resurfaced.
This was done 72 years after it was originally laid. In the official records the name of this road is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. This beautiful promenade is lined with palm trees. On one end that is the north end of the Marine Drive is the famous Chowpatty Beach, It is iconic and so is the bhel Puri sold here at various stalls and restaurants. Walkeshwar the wealthy neighborhood of Mumbai lies further down the road and is also the location of the home of the Governor of Maharashtra.
However for me what is most important is the view that this road offers and the experience of that sea breeze running through my hair when I drive past this stretch.

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What do the Smart Cookies do in a traffic Jam

So you are the smart cookie who uses his GPS and built in Navigation tool in his or her car and avoids the traffic jams? Just imagine what you would do if you found yourself surrounded by a sea of cars moving bumper to bumper and then suddenly all the cars come to a grinding halt then what would you do? Do you feel like abandoning your car among a sea of cars and walk away? Have we not thought of doing that at some point or the other?
There are options and there are options to be explored. First of all congratulations this is a fantastico opportunity for you . The reason I say this because I strongly believe in the adage that every challenge is an opportunity and besides I myself have spent so many hours,days and months of my life in traffic jams I have begun to see the brighter side of things.
So what would you do.Navigation through this jam is impossible.
Maybe you could open your laptop and do a virtual meeting with your client or log in to your office or telecommute and take your team to tasks for not meeting the targets. Reply to those endless emails of clients and long lost friends.
Or maybe if you are someone like me who has a couple of thousands mails waiting perpetually in your inbox waiting eternally to be answered.
Make those phone calls to chacha chachi's mama mami's uncles and aunts,cousin brothers and sisters even the one you cannot stand for that matter because you are living the golden moment of opportunity that this traffic jam has presented to you So people whom you have not seen and called in ages would become source of entertainment to you and its time to call and bond in this moment of glory and tell them like a character from a typical Bollywood family drama that “ Hum Saath Saath Hain”

Now let me see if you were even smarter and perhaps the smartest cookie so what would you do?
See what an intelligent question I have asked you? Perhaps even I do not know the answer to this one.
So let me assume that I am in the shoes of a smart cookie who is stuck in a traffic jam and try some method acting and let me improvise a bit.
After all an assumption is the first step towards reaching a theory which I would like to call “What the Smartest Cookies Do in a Traffic Jam”
So the moment I get in to the character of the smart cookie I hear loud honking of horns all around me
and I feel all this noise would add to stress so I need to de- stress so the best thing is yoga ,some dhyana and Meditation.
So I roll up the window to cut out the noise .Play some nice peppy music.
Take a Deep breath inhale. Hold My breath, count till 5 and Exhale . I do this about 10 times and I am already feeling relaxed. Like a true yoga exponent let me call it “Traffic Bhool Jao Aasan” or forget the traffic asana

I block my right nostril with my thumb and inhale with left nostril. I hold my breath and now exhale my breath from my right nostril blocking my left nostril.I repeat this ten times and then reverse the sequence by inhaling from my right nostril and exhaling from my left nostril. I repeat it again ten times

Next its time to practice the asanna that people do all the time when they are getting themselves photographed that is inhale pull your paunch in and hold .Hey this asana is known to everybody so let me re invent it. So instead exhale all your breath forcefully and pull your stomach inside like your tummy is getting in to shape. I once heard a baba ji tell me that with each exhalation if done properly one can loose upto 1 gram of weight. So don't do it for too long or for the entire duration of the traffic jam or you may feel that your clothes have out grown you many times and you may not be left with any thing to wear so do this “Patla Ho Jao Aasana” carefully
Then Sitting in the car I think I might just get old sitting in this car waiting for the traffic jam to end. So I device an aasana to reverse my aging or at least stimulate the stagnant neurons of my brain and trigger it to turn those grey hair black again so its time to start rubbing the nails of your hands against each other.Let me call it the “Budapa Jaye Jawani Aaye Aasana”
With so much yoga I am already feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and younger my mind is agile ,alert and oozing with creativity and then I get a brainwave that the aasana that I just invented were already invented by Indian sages hundred or thousands of years ago and they called them pranayama. Height of Plagiarism I must say! they copied my aasanas thousands of years before I even thought of them!
Hey I am getting another brainwave….
to write a poem and so I write…
Cars Cars Everywhere but Not a Car to Move…..
Did it ring a bell?
See I Knew you are one smart Cookie ;)

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Making the most of a traffic Jam in your Car

There are Traffic Jams and Traffic Jams .Yet each traffic jam is different. It also depends on where you are and how you want to make the most of it.
If you are in a bus, or any form of public transport then there is a great deal of possibility that it would be overcrowded so you could spend time sampling the sweat mixed of deo's perfumes and all kinds of odors. It is believed the the memory of an odor gets recorded in the brain and remain there for a very long period of time. So in this spare time of yours as you shift your weight form one foot to the other while holding on to the sweaty bar overhead or maybe you are the sitting variety sandwiched between fellow passengers on either side of you who on the pretext of “Bhai Sahab Thoda Adjust Kar Lo” meaning brother please adjust are attempting a coop of sorts against you as they try to push you off and dethrone you off your prized possession your throne that is your seat. Which you have not inherited but snatched from the hands of dynasty by pushing fellow passengers and dashing to the empty seat at a pace that would make even Usain Bolt seem running at a snails pace and come a poor second.
Though there are other advantages too in being in such a situation. You need not get your clothes ironed instead when you enter a over crowded public transport in crumpled clothes then your body and hence your clothes are subjected to forces of compression and expansion. Added to this is the salty sweat and the body heat of fellow passengers. This results in producing a natural way of ironing your clothes like no steam iron can. Being in public transport also saves you the cost of a perfume and deos. when your clothes and body rubs against so many fellow brethren travellers (and Sisters I must count them too) The result is a concoction of sweat, Deos,Perfumes that can be described your own and a signature perfume that no perfumery in the world can replicate. So are you ready to give up all these fortunes and personalized though voluntary body massages for a drive in your own car?
Lets see what you get. Ok you could roll up the windows and adjust the air conditioning to suit your needs. Play a peppy music piece on that entertainment console or perhaps you were the smart cookie who was using the navigation tool in your car to avoid the traffic jam all together .? With the help of Navigation tools one can find the shortest way to our destination and the drive in a car can become more rewarding and exciting that is less tiring and stenuous.

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Fun Things I would do in Delhi if I had a Car

There are a number of fun things to do in Delhi and having a car makes them more convenient and fun.
Drive up to India Gate early in the morning and walk on the wet grass and better still do some jogging. The fun is as much in doing these activities as it is in approaching the India gate area. If you have the windows rolled down which you should in the early hours of the morning and feel the cool breeze caress your face as you inhale the freshness of the air due to all the green trees around.

Drive up to the Palam flyover and do some plane spotting. The planes fly really low and you get a good view of the plane but be cautious as you are on a flyover with lots of traffic around. If you want to stop and see them then please do not stop and park on the flyover instead take the flyover exit taking you towards Dwarka. Just as you take the right turn from the red light there is is place where you would find people standing and watching planes land.

Traffic Jams are perpetual in any metro city so instead of cribbing carry your music around. Just plug it in from your USB or directly play media to the car's console via Bluetooth. So do not crib about the traffic. Let the peppy music play unwind and relax and get ready for the light to turn green or the road to get cleared for you to move ahead.

Drive along the Delhi Surajkund Road that takes you towards the Surajkand Mela. This is that part of the year when the winters are on a decline. Surajkund is decorated by a myriad hues of colors and you see people in different colored attires. So in this part of the year the Journey from a little ahead of Tara Appartments gets epic and memorable when the crowds begins to thin and you leave the madding crowds far behind, roll down or roll up the windows as the occasion may be and play some nice peppy music. Cruise along the road that is smooth and navigation is easy even though you get the feel of being on a hill road. The drive is enjoyable and relaxing and a fantastico experience..

If you have nothing much to do then you can drive up to a large number of malls that are in Delhi. If you are in the summer months then this is also what people like to do to escape the heat. Window shopping,killing time or catching up with friends. The malls have replaced the nukkads or the street meeting points of friends. If you are the kind who is ready to spend some money then invariably there is one sale or the other going on. When ever you get hungry the food courts which are invariably located at the top floor do offer a sumptuous spread.

Drive up to Delhi Haat opposite INA market and go through the colorful handicrafts on display. Invariably there are some cultural events or the other lined up for the day which gives you the opportunity to glimpse into the cultural diversity of our Nation
If you want you can buy a snack, sip some fruit beer or just laze around sitting under the shade and enjoy the colorful open spaces

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Fun Things to do if you have a car in Delhi

Traveling by road in your car and exploring the paths less traveled along with the hot spots of a city is my way of exploring the city. Take for instance Delhi which offers a plethora of experiences. Here for instance the wide roads of Lutyen's Delhi where with its wide roads navigation by road is a breeze. The roads are broad and street lanes are strategically located. You can roll up the windows turn on the A.C or the heater depending upon the whether and move along listening to soft and peppy music.

Drive up to M-Block market take a round and see whats trending in this upscale south Delhi Select CityWalk Mall, DLF mall Saket or Vasant Kunj.

Want to see where the chic and trendy go out to eat on weekends? Well there are a number of places but I would like to mention the Hauz Khas Village, with designer boutiques and bistros, this place is nothing like a village that you would expect instead you could call it a global village and a melting pot of cultures where you would find the foreigners and Indians equally at ease.

The Moolchand paranthewala is another place you could drive up to if you are hungry and are close to the Moolchand area in south Delhi.

My food talk would remain incomplete if I do not mention Old Delhi and its fantastico food.

Old Delhi / Dilli 6/ Purani Dilli we call it by many names. Yet it remains the epicenter from where Delhi began to grow and expand. When ever I go to Delhi I prefer to park my car as close to the Chandni Chowk road. Though this road is motor able but finding a parking space is tough on working days. One can park and walk along this road passing through the Jain Bird Hospital which is the oldest bird hospital. Next you would pass the ancient and much revered Gauri Shankar Temple.Opposite to it is the Lajpat rai Market and Bhagirath Place market famous for all your electrical needs.The oldest cinema halls like Moti and Kumar are placed side by side.Dariba is a market in a lane on the left hand side if you have entered the Chandni Chowk from the red fort side .and famous for gold and silver jewelery.Along this side of the road itself is the famous Jalebi shop at the corner and the Paranthe wali Gali that sells various kinds of Paranthas.As you walk further you  would find shops selling Sarees and all kinds of other clothes.On the left side of the road after Dariba is located the SisGanj Gurudwara . Opposite to it is the fountain.

There is great hustle and bustle on the road as you would find people walking with cartons and boxes as this is also a wholesale market for clothes

Natraj (Place to eat chaat and snacks) Ghanta Ghar (Place where it used to be before it fell down) and the more prominent landmark is the Town Hall are not to be missed.

If you get tired of jostling your way through the crowds you can always stop at Natraj for a quick snack.

Delhi with its rich culture and heritage has attractions in every nook and corner of the city .So pick up your car and start exploring.
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The eternal Blockbuster

Sholay a fantastico 1975 Indian Hindi action-adventure film has been directed

by Ramesh Sippy and produced by his father G. P. Sippy.Its one of

the best Indian films.The film is about two criminals, Veeru and Jai

(played by Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan), hired by a retired

police officer (Sanjeev Kumar) to capture the ruthless dacoit Gabbar

Singh (Amjad Khan). Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri, as Veeru and Jai's

love interests. Its been awarded as the Best Film of 50 Years in the

50th annual Filmfare Awards.The movie has a length of 198

minutes.Sholay was also re-released to theatres in the 3D format.The

most heart breaking scene was when Veeru returns, and Jai dies in

his arms.Radha is left alone again.The character Gabbar Singh was

modelled on a real-life dacoit of the same name who had menaced the

villages around Gwalior in the 1950s.The producers considered Danny

Denzongpa for the role of bandit chief Gabbar Singh but he was busy

with another movie. Pran was considered for the role of Thakur

Baldev Singh, but Sippy thought Sanjeev Kumar was a better

choice.Initially, Dharmendra was also interested to play the role of

Thakur. But he agreed to play Veeru as to be paired with Hema

Malini. The addition of romance, comedy, and songs gave it the

ambiance that one expects of a Hindi film.Spectacular

cinematography, with shots panning over rocky heights and barren

canyons. Amjad Khan played the role with perfection.Salim-Javed

created immortal characters.Hema's yak-yak Basanti remains her most

memorable role.Viju Khote made a lasting impression as Kaalia, one

of Gabbar Singh's sidekicks.His dialogue 'Sarkar maine aapka namak

khaya hai.' is still famous.Amitabh Bachchan has recently revealed

he wanted to play the role of Gabbar when he first heard the script

of "Sholay".According to Bachchan, the audience connected well with

the film as it had a well structured story, great dialogues and

powerful performances by actors. He said “90 per cent of the work

was done by Salim-Javed… they wrote a wonderful script. The film

took two-and-a-half years to make.Sholay the most famous and

greatest Bollywood film was released on August 15, 1975 and

celebrates its 40th anniversary this Independence Day.Sholay spent

decades as the longest-running Indian film, unchallenged until the

arrival of DDLJ.In the original ending, Thakur kills Gabbar. This

had to be changed to the police arriving at the last moment after

the Censor Board objected to what they deemed vigilantism.Scenes

featuring Gabbar Singh's hideout were shot at the granite rocks in

Ramnagram near Bangalore. A part of Ramnagram town was renamed

Sippynagar in honour of director Ramesh Sippy.Actor Sachin, who

played Ahmed,received a refrigerator as part of his acting fee.Jaya

Bachchan, who played the widowed Radha, was pregnant with daughter

Shweta while the film was being shot, and pregnant with son Abhishek

when the film premiered.Jai and Veeru were named after Salim Khan's

friends from college. Baldev Singh was named after Salim Khan's

father-in-law, the father of his first wife Salma whose real name is

Sushila Charak.Real bullets were allegedly used in the climax scene

of the film and a stray bullet is said to have narrowly missed

Amitabh Bachchan.Sholay remains still our favourite movie even its been 40 years now

since its release. The navigation of emotions from scene to scene is super and its peppy music

still haunts us.

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Why its better to get a car then to get a boyfriend

In my previous post I had written that how after trying to give my best friend who was miffed with his girlfriend a patient hearing I was trying to make a graceful exit from the scene as I was in no position of hearing his constant comparison between his car and his girlfriend. I got a call from his girlfriend who sounded equally miffed. As the signal was weak I stepped out of the room walked a fair distance away and as the sound was not very clear I turned on the speaker phone.As I am their common friend she chose me to vent out her feelings. However the irony is that however much the two of them may fight their thinking is strikingly similar and that is why we refer to the two of them as made for each other couple. I do not know if she had overheard our conversation or was it her brainchild. Our conversation went like this.She said that
I wish instead of making him(referring to my best friend) my boyfriend I had got myself a car.
Hearing this I thought I was going to hear a repeat telecast but her reasoning went like this.
The car is there for me always be it to take me shopping or on long drives I don't have to beg it or request it like I have to with my boyfriend who is always busy with something or the other.
My boyfriend complains that he gets tired holding my bags but my car has all the space in the world to accommodate me and my shopping.
My boyfriend is always divided between his work, hobbies, friends and me where as my car is 100% my own and I do not have to share it with anyone.
I keep pampering my BF by gifting him clothes but he never seems to like them. Whereas when I get my car a new upholstery in a color of my choice it never complains.
I gift my boyfriend perfumes and deo's to kill that body odor but he never approves of my choices of perfumes where as my car smells the way I like it with my choice of car perfumes and it never revolts.
If I miss a service for my car then at most my car would give a slight creaky sound if we are in the rainy season or a little screechy sound due to the dry fan belt stretching itself due to the summer heat. I can take it for a service get it a car wash and its sparkling as new.
Whereas if I miss a date set by my boyfriend he instantaneously get irritable and sometimes even suspicious.
Unlike my boyfriend my car does not fight with me if I admiringly look at other guys.
However even if I dared glance at another guy in the presence of my boyfriend then he picks up a fight with me.
My car lets me play peppy music of my choice every time where as my boyfriend insists that I switch on the cricket commentary whenever he is in the car with me and a match is going on .
My car is my best navigation guide so I am never lost on the way where as my boyfriend always makes fun of my road sense and driving directions.

My boyfriend forgets birthday, anniversary and often fails to meet me on these important dates whereas my car is there for me 365 days of the year.
My boyfriend is hard to maintain and bear with his bear belly and unwashed shorts. He still believes that I should treat him as a stud and a demi god who is always right where as car is low maintenance, easier to keep clean and we get along well without getting into a fight.You just fuel it up and its ready for you but to get my boyfriend into the mood for anything I have to try out a hundred things.
My car would like any car freshener that I put in it unlike my boyfriend who never seems to like the fragrances that I buy for him. He finds them to be very feminine and detests using them. The same goes with the clothes that I suggest to him. He does not change his hair style and his hair color is so boring. With a car I can choose any color that I like when I get bored I can always get it a makeover done get the interiors redone or get stylish graphics and accessories to brighten It up.

My car would have a navigation system so can can reach anywhere without asking for directions. The parking assistant in my car would help me park in tight spots and dispel the myth that girls cannot drive.

My car would not look at other girls and would be there for me even when I have a bad hair day , not well dressed or even when I get fat.This is the point when I realized that my best friend was standing just next to me as he took the phone from my hand and spoke to his girlfriend on my phone. He said “Fat or Not I have always loved you and shall always do” This statement proved to build bridges between their wounded hearts and the love birds got reunited. They took out the car and drove away for a long drive. I could feel the peppy music play as they drove into the horizon to live happily ever after or till the time their next little tiff would do them apart but only for a little while.

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Why having a car is better then having a girlfriend

Recently a good friend of mine had a fight with his girlfriend after a heated argument about something. I thought that it would be the usual boyfriend girlfriend argument but he seemed irritated and perhaps out of frustration he said I think its better to invest your time in a car then having a girlfriend? I frankly saw no correlation between the two as to how one could substitute the other so I asked him what he meant.
His argument went like this.

The car does not demand that I take her shopping. Neither does it want me to hold shopping bags.
My girlfriends does like it a lot when I take her shopping and she insists that I accompany her on shopping sprees. Where as my car remains happy with the 3 monthly service I get her. (When he referred to his car as her I thought oh boy ! This guys is seriously weighing the relationship options)
If I miss a service at most it would give a slight creaky sound if we are in the rainy season or a little screechy sound due to the dry fan belt stretching itself due to the June heat. I can take it for a service get it a car wash and its sparkling as new.

Unlike my girl my car does not fight with me if I admiringly look at other cars or girls for that matter.
However even if I dared glance at another girl in the presence of my girlfriend then all hell breaks loose.
My car lets me play peppy music where as my girlfriends insists that I take her to a disco.My car is my best navigation guide so I am never lost on the way where as my girlfriend has very poor road sense and if I were to rely on her I would end up at the wrong places.
My car does not expect me to remember its birthday, anniversary of when I first met her neither does she complain that I spend too little time with her.
Where as my girlfriend would skin me alive if I fail to tell her what she was wearing on a particular date. Or what ice cream did we share on our third date.

All it requires is that I get it fueled up regularly ,get the tyre pressure checked on a regular basis. Get the pollution check done and keep it ,clean tidy and glistening. She does not mind if I take her to the save service station or garage. Where as for my girlfriend food is not just to fill your tummy to get your daily does of calories,energy vitamins and minerals. It is something to be eaten out. Even if eating out was not enough it has to be Italian one day then Chinese on the next one and this sequence has to go forward without repeating the restaurants. Neither does she like to repeat the food menu the next day nor what she wears for the next evening. Thinking about all the dresses that I have bought her she still complains that she has nothing to wear. Where as my car is so understanding and docile that despite the fact that it has the same seat covers for almost a year now. No fancy salon visits, no pedicure or manicure only a public bath in the car wash followed by a little rubbing a little scrubbing and my car appears as happy as new. It never complaints and I wish my girl friend was a bit more like this. Moreover unlike my girlfriend she never asks me how do I look in this dress or have I become fat. Both these questions are a litmus test for any boyfriend and I have a reputation of scraping through my exams and tests with barely the passing marks but questions like these never fail to stump me as she always asks for my honest opinion but my honest opinions put me in the line of fire .
By this time I had heard enough and just wanted to make a graceful exit when my phone rang and it was my best friends girl friend calling……
to be contd….

 This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Fantastico News Get ready to get the worlds Cheapest Smart Phone in India

Friends, fellows and countrymen I have a fantastico news for you all. There is a company based in NCR and do you know what do they make? No points for guessing this one they are into making mobile phones and before my news gets old and stale without much ado let me share my news with you which is …
This Noida based company is going to launch India's most affordable and cheapest smart phone called Freedom 251. This phone would be priced below Rs 500 and if sources are to be believed then this phone could be priced at Rs 251 that makes it one of the cheapest smart phone available in the country and perhaps in the whole world. As Rs 251 is a little less then $4 U.S at the time of writing this post.

As per the specifications the freedom 251 phone would have a 4 inch display. It would have a 1.3 Ghz quad core processor , a 1 GB ram to run the software and the operating system. 8 GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 32 GB . 3.2 megapixcel back camera and 0.3 megapixel front camera . It has a 1450mAh battery to power the device.

This new freedom 251 smart phone from this little known mobile maker would be officially launched in New Delhi on Wednesday evening that is the 17th of feb 2016. The evening launch would be presided over by Dr Murli Manohar Joshi MP and the Union Defence minister Sri Manohar Parikar iwould be the chief guest at the launch event.

In a release from the manufacturer of the mobile phone , the company has stated that the Freedom251 smartphone has been developed with the immense support from the current government and the credit of the phone development is being given to the “Make in India” scheme initiated by the prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi

Ever since the news of the launch of this new smart phone has surfaced there is excitement about its launch all around. People believe it to be a fantastico affordable phone. Perhaps one day you would find yourself using it as a navigation device sitting in your car or riding a bike and in another part of the country perhaps deep in the ravines of chambal or somewhere in the middle of the hinterlands a rustic boy might be found playing peppy music on this mobile phone but for all that to happen one has to wait for the launch.
The booking to buy this phone can be made online and the bookings for the freedom 251 phone open on frburary 18 2016 at 6 A.M and close on the 21st feburary 2016 at 8 P.M. As per the company sources the delivery of the phones would be completed by the 30th of June 2016.
The Freedom 251 smartphone can be booked online

 This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Bajirao Mastani is the ill fated romance

Bajirao Mastani is the ill fated romance story by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.Cast: Ranveer Singh,

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Tanvi Azmi, Milind Soman,Vaibhav Tatwadi, Mahesh Manjrekar.

It's a story of Peshwa Bajirao I played by (Ranveer Singh) and Mastani (Deepika Padukone), the

half-Rajput and half-Muslim beauty from Bundelkhand.Its a tragic love story.

The film is a marvel.It is based on the book Rau by Marathi novelist NS

Inamdar. Deepika has done a great job on the acting front as mastani.

Mastani Bai was the daughter of Maharaja Chatrsal of bundelkhand and his queen Ruhani Bai.

Peshwa Bajirao Ballal was a great leader, warrior.One and one of the nine Peshwas to Chatrapati


Mastani Bai comes seeking help from Peshwa Bajirao to save her

kingdom from the Mughals. Bajirao who at  first refused to help as he was

himself engaged in war, gets ready to help after seeing the courage ofMastani Bai.

This War was won by Bundelkhand and Peshwa alliance but

Mastani Bai loses her heart to Peshwa Bajirao. Bajirao also feels

the love towards Mastani Bai but knowing the fact that he is already

married, returns back to his Palace “Shaniwar wada”.

Mastani follows Bajirao till his Palace where they realize that they are made for

each other only. The Love of the couple is not accepted by anyone in

Shaniwar wada because of the fact that they follow different religions in religion as Bajirao is

Brahmin and Mastani Bai being a Muslim.Love knows no boundaries.The

end was very sad when both lost the battle of life.Deepika’s

beauty, Priyanka’s Simplicity and Ranveer’s marvelous acting isfantastico.

The marvelous acting, huge sets, beautiful costumes and wonderful effects certainly make

this movie a must watch.

Deepika Padukone is lovely, and creates a sizzle with Ranveer Singh.

Priyanka Chopra’s hurt wife has a couple of strong moments.Its a 2 hours 38

minutes full of action and drama.Bajirao Mastani's most outstanding part is its cinematography,

courts with shadows and chandeliers,courtiers with tilaks and tears, chambers gleaming with mirrors,

skies blushing with passion.Bajirao leaping up an elephant was

awestiking.The movie's battle scenes are grand and complex.Its like

watching an opera.Bajirao-Mastani resembles Jodhaa-Akbar.The best

part about the movie is Ranveer and Priyanka's amazing acting.

Bajirao Mastani is a Indian epic historical romance film.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the director of the movie as well as he is

the one, who also composed the music score of the film.The music is peppy and foot tapping.

 The film was in development for 15 years, Bhansali wanted to make the film after

 Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. However, several times, the production was

delayed due to the changing cast.The film has grossed over 350 crore

(US$52 million) at the box-office.Bajirao Mastani received fourteen

nominations at the 61st Filmfare Awards, and won nine awards

including Best Film, Best Director for Bhansali, Best Actor for

Singh, and Best Supporting Actress for Priyanka Chopra.A major

portion of the film was shot in Mumbai's Film City Studios.For

the outdoor sequences, Bhansali finalised Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,

Gujarat, and Wai of Maharashtra. On the whole the picture is gripping with peppy music and dance numbers.

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On going to school

As long as a child is within the precincts of his home he or she feels comfortable and protected. The child is secure within the surroundings which are quite familiar and well known to him or her. Not yet exposed to the outside world the child is happy and content with all the attention he or she gets from the mother, father and grandparents. But as soon as the child turns of school going age every thing changes. A new world opens up before him or her, a world that may not be friendly.
I had grown up being cuddled by my maternal grand father. I used to enjoy tapping my feet to the peppy music which was my grand father’s favorite. I was not familiar with what school stood for. I only knew that it meant a new bag, a set of new books with colorful pictures and what attracted me the most was the box of pencils and the sharpener.
My father had been posted abroad and when we returned to India the new session had already started. My parents were in a dilemma and were afraid that if I did not get admission now I would be wasting a whole year. My grandfather discussed this with his friend who was associated with one of the leading schools of south Delhi. He put in a word to the administration and I got admission to one of the most prestigious schools in south Delhi.
A set of school dresses were bought and also a beautiful school bag containing books, copies, pencils, eraser and a sharpener. I was super excited. So far it seemed so good but now next day was going to be the testing time for me. My mother escorted me till my class. A fear gripped me as I found myself surrounded by a sea of faces who were all strangers. I gripped my mothers hand and the navigation through that mass of faces took some time as we moved towards my class. Then my mother stopped at a door. We were made welcome by a smiling face who was my class teacher. Panic gripped me as my mother turned to leave. Seeing my fear the teacher who had the kindest loving eyes guided me into the class and introduced me to every one there. She assured me that I would love my time in the school as it would be a fantastico experience for me. She guided me to a desk which she told me would be my special one reserved for me only. I lost much of my fear as I glanced around the class and met many smiling glances. It did not take much time for me to settle down and I made quite a few friends. Then it was time for lunch which was indeed a fantastico experience for me as we all sat down on the floor and were served a lip smacking lunch. The time flew fast and then I saw my mother waiting for me outside the class. The teacher told me to go out to my mother and go home. On reaching home my mother told me that the teacher had asked her to come to school early as it was my first day at school. This is how my school life started a day which is still fresh in my mind.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Its Fantastico that you are buying a new car

So you have decided to buy a new car? Fantastico its a great decision ! So what are you looking for in a new car? When I put this question to my best friend who was planning to buy a new car he appeared zapped.
Actually this is a question that a lot of people face and because they do not know the answer they may end up buying a car that may not be their first choice.
Buying a car in India is a big decision.
If I were to put this question to myself then I would list the following qualities or criteria while selecting a car.
1 A car made in India: Reason I love my country and a car made fully in India is designed to work on Indian roads and Indian conditions.
b) The spares are easily available and are more competitively priced as compared to cars which are fully imported.
b)Due to higher import duty on foreign cars I can buy a higher end model car in my given budget as compared to a base model of a foreign car.
c)When I buy a car that is made in India I am not only saving money but the money I spend on a car is giving employment to fellow Indians.
c) I want to buy a car that I look good with. Just take a selfie with the Indian cars that are being built and sold in the country and compare it with the foreign ones . With latest ergonomic designs and features
the Indian cars can give any foreign car a run for their money.
d) Indian cars have a wider service network and even if you need some help with your car in the middle of nowhere you are likely to find a mechanic who can fix your car.
By now I realize that this discussion of ours is getting a bit generic when I say an Indian car. So from here on I would be more specific and safely use the example of a car from TATA motors to take this discussion forward. The reason I use TATA motors is the fact that when I use the phrase Indian car the first word that comes to my mind is TATA motors as this is a brand that is producing trucks, passenger cars and all kinds of vehicles for a very long time now but the beauty is that they have been constantly upgrading and reinventing their product line .As a result they have evolved the Brand TATA motors into a company that exports their cars to various parts of the world. Such is their prowess at their trade that they purchased the leading brand Jaguar which was an ailing company then and have turned it into a much sought after brand once again. Today TATA motors is exporting its cars to various countries and has happy and loyal consumers all around the world. So what is good for the rest of the world is good enough for me as well.With the launch of TATA Motors Zica it would add another trusted car to its existing portfolios of passenger cars.
It is a hatchback. It is designed to look compact from the outside but spacious from the inside.
e) I want a car that has plush interiors and a good view of the road and with TATA motors functionality is part of the DNA of every model that they build.
Talking about a car that is loaded with features I cannot help but mention the presence of parking sensors that would help me park the car even on difficult and tight parking spots.
g)I need a good entertainment option: Such as play music from my mobile , radio or saved on my device thanks to the smartphone integration, Bluetooth and a Herman sound system.
h) Show me the way. With India always on the moves roads ,cities and townships ate being built all the time and there is growing traffic as well so a navigation system is a must.
i)Good fuel efficiency and power under its hood. I am looking forward to the petrol variant with the
Tata Zica Revotron 1.2 engine you get 83bhp @ 6000rpm; 114Nm @ 3500rpm making it stand tall amongst its peers.
Don't take my word for it go ahead and take a test drive and experience it yourself first hand. After all “Test Drive Karne Ke Aur Dekhne ke Paise Nahin Lagte”

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Experience Made in India with TATA Zica

These days there is a lot of buzz about Make in India. There was once a time in our history when India was so prosperous that it was referred to as “Sone Ki Chidiya” or a bird made of gold.Wow what a fantastico feeling it must have been? Prosperity is related to financial stability and optimal use of our resources,manpower, skill and talent. When we produce product that are world class in terms of quality, cheap ,economical and value for money then these products and services would be in great demand both within our country and around the world making our country earn useful foreign exchange. It would ensure that more and more people in this country get suitable employment. What a fantastico experience it would be when every country of the world would be using products and services made in India. Thus with every purchase of a made in India product or service ,every Indian would get more prosperous.Our foreign reserves would grow, our export would increase and the currency would get stronger. However as it is said that charity begins at home so first we have to start using Indian. There are so many Indian brands around and we use them too. However when we pick up a brand or a service that is made in India and one of the best in the entire world that surely it is a reason for us Indians to feel proud. Take for instance the case of TATA motors it is a legend in its own right that has stood the test of time and it keeps reinventing itself to excel and remain ahead of the competition. Today it exports cars and other vehicles to so many countries around the world.
Ok so you do not own a TATA vehicle or maybe you do, in either case there is a wonderful opportunity to sample the quality and greatness of a brand that has proved to be truly #madeofgreat.There are so many innumerable reasons that have made TATA motors truly a great brand that is sought after not only in India but globally.
With the launch of its new hatchback TATA Zica there is an fantastico opportunity for every Indian to sample and experience what it feels like to be associated with a premium brand that is truly made in India. The opportunity presents itself by way of a test drive the new hatchback TATA Zica.
In the looks department the aerodynamically crafted chiseled exteriors can give a car of any other brand a run for its money.
So when you take a test drive watch out for these features that would make every Indian proud and say with pride here is TATA Zica from a company called TATA Motors that is madeofgreat and here is a car that is made in India .So watch out for there features in TATA Zica

I. The New radiator grille with the ‘Humanity Line’
II. The New tail-lamp enclosures
III. The Integrated rear spoiler
IV. The Dual-tone interior
V. The Harman-sourced ConnectNext infotainment system So playing and enjoying some peppy music is so much fun and rewarding experience.
VI. The New dashboard integrated console
VII. The 3-spoke power-steering with audio and mobile controls
VIII. The Electronically adjustable ORVMs (outer rear view mirror's)

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Reasons Why I would trade my bigger car for the fantastico TATA Zica

OK I have a big car , It takes me to my office and on some weekends to the supermarket. However with so much traffic on the road it gets stuck in the traffic more often, It is frustrating to see smaller ,smarter and faster hatchbacks zip past you as you are trying to negotiate traffic.
The Parking woes: A lot of big car owners like me would have experienced this that the parking attendant at the parking lot drives you away saying that the parking is full even though there may be still space left to park cars. The reason?: The parking lot can accommodate two mid segment or small cars in the space needed to park my big car. Thus they get  more revenue and I get no parking.
Why am I cribbing about the parking lot when I like most people live in an apartment block where there is no place to park my car under my assigned parking space as it protrudes out and not just blocks the traffic of all the neighbouring Sharma Ji's and Verma Ji's of the world but also makes it prone to scratches by passing vehicles. So be it rain or Sun I have to park my car at quite a distance away from my apartment and then take a walk weathering the climate. Where as all those compact hatchbacks zip around me mocking at my predicament of not being able to park close to my home.
I cannot take my car on narrow crowded streets as my car causes traffic jams so I have to park my car  at quite a distance from markets, wedding venues,fairs parking lots  and leave it unattended at the mercy of the elements and the unscrupulous operators looking for an opportunity to rob it of its side mirrors , the music system or any valuable accessory  that they can lay their hands on. After all the accessories cost a lot as compared to the accessories of a compact sedan like TATA Zica.
Why just the accessories even the running cost and maintenance of a big size car or an SUV is much more then that of a Compact hatchback like TATA Zica.
Every time my car goes for a service it costs me up to two or three times more then it cost a hatchback user to get his or her car serviced.
I am an experienced car driver yet there are moments when while reversing my car I hit a wall, a bicycle or a strategically parked scooter just because I simply could not see it in my rear view mirror.
However with improved visibility from the drivers seat due to its design I would be able to get a good view of the front while driving ahead and of the rear while reversing my car. Besides it has a state of the art Parking assist feature that would help me park it even in tight spots.
Powered by its Revotron 1.2 petrol and the Tata Zica Revotorq 1.05 diesel engine I would be able to zip past the bigger cars that jostle for space and parking.
Besides the features like
The New radiator grille with the ‘Humanity Line’ that makes TATA Zica give its fantastico look and makes it stand out from the crowd.
II. The New tail-lamp enclosures that makes it look classy and elegant
III. The Integrated rear spoiler: This adds to the looks
IV. The Dual-tone interior: To make me feel I own this space . The interiors promise to be plush,comfortable and elegant.
V. The Harman-sourced ConnectNext infotainment system: This is the thing that I have been looking forward to . For that immersive audio experience. I can play the media on my mobile through this system via bluetooth.
VI. The New dashboard integrated console: This blends so well with the rest of the interiors . Accessing the Navigation or any other feature of the car is a breeze.
VII. The 3-spoke power-steering with audio and mobile controls would enhance my overall drive control and experience
VIII. The Electronically adjustable ORVMs (outer rear view mirror's) come in handy to adjust the mirrors to view the approaching approaching traffic.
Above all my parking space would be mine alone and no parking attendant would turn my TATA Zica away That is the advantage of TATA Zica a Car made in India for every Indian

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

My 5 minute fantastico guide to selling your old car

So you want to sell your old car or trade it in for a new one? Fantastico ! Great decision
1)Get your car serviced,cleaned and any minor repairs taken care of: A clean,running and functional car is relatively easy to sell then a old car that is dirty , non operational and collecting dust.
2)Maintain and share the service record with the prospective buyer. This is a good way to display to the buyer that it is a well maintained and well looked after car. Self driven vehicles that are well maintained can fetch you a good price in the second hand car market.

3)Make sure the car has a valid pollution certificate and insurance as selling a car without these records is not only difficult but also illegal.Without proper paperwork you do not get the true value of your car.

4)Keep a copy of RC that is the registration certificate handy and other documents that may have come with the car. If your car was originally bought against a car loan or EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) then keep these documents ready. Also if you have bought accessories,battery ,tyres etc which you have bought recently and may still be under warranty then make a list of these additional items and bring it to the notice of the prospective buyer(s) this way you can get a better price for your old car.

5) Once the car is cleaned do click a few pictures of it from various angles. These pics can be used to post ads on online sites which sell and trade in used cars. Posting ads with recent pictures of the car you want to sell is a good way of attracting genuine buyers. As this way the buyers know what to expect when they come to see the car. This saves time,money and disappointments and you can come to a deal with the right buyer.

6) Take a test drive: Actually this should be the number #1 thing for you to do when you are planning to sell your old car.Yes you read it right. As for a lot of buyers selling their old cars is the first step towards the buying of a new one so take a test drive. Play some peppy music on its music system and check the navigation system, see if the model comes with airbags fitted, enquire about the fuel efficiency.Tell the car dealer that you want to trade in /sell your old car. In a lot of cases when you trade in an old car you get additional discounts on purchase of a new one.This way you get to know about any exchange offers that may be going on for your old car. You get to try a new model and the latest technologies that are being used in these cars. As you already have your old car with you so there is no stress for you to rush into a buy decision. You can weigh the pros and cons and take a informed decision about the model you want to buy. Check the various features. See if the color you want to buy is available or not. At times it would be there and on other times you would have to make a booking and wait. So having a stand buy car that is your old car in the mean time helps.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Why every Indian cricketer and fan should celebrate Valentine 365 Days a year

Here is my open letter to  Ravichandran Ashwin and every player in Team India:
Dear Aswin and Team India,
when you are a cricketer whose name is Ravichandran Ashwin then your fans expect you to deliver a fantastico performance every time. So what do you do when India needs you most?

You go out and play like you have never played before. You go for the jugular right from the word go. Even if the opposition is Sri Lanka who are known to be good players of spin. On your day you can make any opposition look ordinary. Indeed 14th of feb 2016 was a fantastico day for you ,your fans and all of us as a cricketing nation. With a record of 4/11 you made the statisticians happy as you created this record for your team and country. It was even a record for Sri Lanka ,the opposite team though not a very pleasant one for them as they scored their lowest total in T20I. It was also the second lowest score by any team in a T20 International game against India.

By improving upon Ashok Dinda's record of 4/19 against the Sri Lankans by any Indian you helped almost single handed bundle the Srilankan team for a paltry 82 runs in the third Twenty 20 match on Sunday the 14th of feb 2016 at Visakhapanam. The end result read a victory for India by 9 wickets. If this was not enough the final series result read a 2-1 series victory for India.

You are a cricketer who can give his best even under pressure. This was a do or die game for both the teams. So when M.S. Dhoni handed  the ball to you to open the innings your body language exuded confidence. You tasted blood in your first over itself when you scalped the opener Niroshan Dickwella. Tilakratne Dilshan was soon to follow in that very over as you mounted the pressure with your lethal bowling.When you consumed Dinesh Chandimal the skipper of the Sri Lankan side you were proving your class once again.Against your lethal and accurate bowling the Sri Lankan batsmen were never comfortable and always looked so susceptable. So potent was your attack that even though T20 is considered to be a batsman's game but on the 14th of feb 2016 no Srilankan Cricketer could stand his ground for long. !9 was there highest score and only two of the Sri Lankan batsmen could manage to get in the double figure. This was the business end of the tournament and as you hit top form at just the right time for your team and your country. This  brought delight to the face of every Indian c ricket fan as it was the first time that an Indian cricket team won a T20 International by 9 wickets.

Even in overall rankings due to this fantastico performance by team India we have retained the top spot in the ICC T20 rankings. However Sri Lanka has slipped a place and are now in the fourth place in the ICC T20 rankings.Winning a game like this on the Valentine's day you and team India have proved that cricket is your first love and may you and Team India play and win each match like you played and won on this Valentine's day. This is the news that appears as music to every Indian cricket loving fan.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

For a fantastico internet experience

So you have a 4G connection congratulations! You are all set to browse the internet at breakneck speeds Fantastico! But wait before even you can realize your quota of data is dwindling fast and soon its time to get another recharge in case you are a prepaid user. In case you are a post paid subscriber you depending upon your plan you may be paying use as you go or may have opted for a unlimited plan which assigns you a set amounts of usage bandwidth in terms of gigabytes and once you have used it it would slow down your connection speed till your next billing cycle starts or till you have either upgraded or purchased an additional pack. Well all this depends on your mobile connection and the type of plan you have subscribed to. However my point is irrespective of the type of connection, when you go on to the internet and are browsing content of your choice your device is downloading content that you had not even asked for. Most people would agree that Navigation on the internet is filled with distractions, teasers of videos ,games images are all there to tempt you and entice you so that you may clink on a link and be taken to another piece of content. If that was not enough you find that even when you are trying to read and focus on a task at hand you might find a peppy piece of music playing in and embed video on the pages that begins to play in a form of a movie trailer or an advert. Video the moment you open a page. Do not get me wrong I am not at all against peppy music but the only point I am trying to make is that irrelevant content or free advertising can eat into your bandwidth and make it swindle faster and also slow down your browsing experience.So what can one Do?
I did some research and broadly found two types of content that can be auto played in your browser one is the good old flash content and the other is the HTML5 based content. So in an attempt to maximize my bandwidth use and to keep my internet running fast I found a number of things that can prevent or in some cases reduce the multimedia content that gets downloaded in the background. These settings would work for you 
If you are using the chrome browser then you can add this to your chrome browser from here

For firefox browser

 I).Type “about:config ” (without the quotes) in the address bar and hit enter & Pass through the warning  

II) Search for “media.autoplay.embed” and double clicking it changes the value to false

For disabling flash content in firefox 

I)Click on the menu by clicking on the horizontal lines on the right hand corner
II)Click on add-ons this would take you to the plugin section

III) Under the category plugins > Browse to the section which reads shock wave Flash and set it to “Ask to activate” if not already selected

This should do the job for you.
However there may be reasons for you not to disable the flash content entirely.

One can also use FlashStopper and Stop YouTube HTML5 which replaces flash and HTML5 playable content with thumbnails and clicking on them one can play the content linked to the thumbnail.
There is Adblock Plus from which can block adverts from appearing in your browser.

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