Wednesday, 18 February 2015

babies sleep better with Pampers Baby Dry Pants

With the birth of our little baby boy we congratulated ourselves on becoming a Father and a Mother however little did I realise that being a parent to a little one is one of the most challenging jobs in the entire universe and had many responsibilities associated with it. Being parents requires us to acquire superhuman skills overnight. The day passes somehow with the support of my parents however when night comes the responsibility of taking care of the baby and putting it to sleep falls on us .This is no mean task. The greatest challenge is the understanding the language and expression of an infant as they howl, scowl or smile. As the baby grows its sleep cycle also varies. In simple terms it means that it could be sleeping during the day and are wide awake during the night. So putting them to sleep at night can be an arduous task that I discovered.

We parents take turns to make our little baby go to sleep. The first thing that we do is dim the light of our room and switch on the night lamp as Our little one is wide awake by the time its bedtime so putting it to sleep is no mean task then we try to pat it to sleep this is the time when it usually gets in a playful mood and wants to get into our arms. Otherwise it would make a lot of noise and even start crying. This is the time we prepare for a long and peaceful night for the baby by checking if its diaper is dry. We take turns to rock it in our arms and try to sing it a lullaby. We know that it is about to go to sleep when it begins to pat us back as if it is trying to put us to sleep. This reciprocal patting finally put our little one to sleep. Then during the night we take turns to check if the baby is sleeping properly. However several times we find our dear little one is lying in a wet diaper. So many times we have awaken due to its crying as it has been in a wet diaper for very long. This makes the baby grumpy the next morning and even we as parents live a sleep deprived life. Then one day family friend suggested that we try Pampers Baby Dry Pants. We even got a free sample online to try for our little baby. We still follow the same bedtime ritual to put our dear little baby to sleep however instead of ordinary diapers we have switched to Pampers Baby Dry Pants. The wonderful  change that has come in our lives is that we no longer have to get up several times during the night to check if the baby’s diapers are wet and in need of a change. Even our baby sleeps undisturbed throughout the night. The good part about the Pampers Baby Dry Pants is that one dry pant is enough for the entire night. It has baby lotion to protect the delicate skin of our baby from inflammation and rashes. A single Pampers Baby Dry Pants is designed to absorb up to 5 glasses of fluid from its surface and keep the baby dry for up to 10 hours.  This is like a god sent product for all babies and their parents.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Bucklist the Baap of all Lists

My Bucket List of 5 things that I want to do/have that will help me live life  #BefikarUmarBhar are

1)Money Money Money: Its rightly said that money makes the mayor Go. If I have lots of money then not only will I be able to take care of my daily financial needs but also be in a better position to fulfil not only the wishes of my family but also be able to help financially all those who are in need of money. I would also have a free hand when it comes to contributing to charity. I should have so much money that I am never short of it. So money is surely at the top of my bucket list

2) My second wish has to be to own a dream house. Like a lot of Indians and people around the world I aspire to have my dream house in a posh location. It would be even better if it’s on a large plot of land with gardens and trees surrounding it. The Land around my home should be all mine in which organic fruits and vegetables would grow and my home would be powered by the solar panels and the windmills present in my adjoining farm .My home would be a self-reliant and produce enough power to enable me and my family a comfortable lifestyle with all the modern amenities and gadgets yet have zero carbon foot print .Instead the home with its solar power generators and windmills would produce excess power that it would supply back to the grid and earn me some money.

3) Wish No.3: My Car ,My Big Luxurious big car or shall I say I wish to have a number of cars. I love to drive and go on road trips so I would love to own luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle’s i.e SUV’s and off roaders. However being the environmentalist that I am I would not like to buy fuel guzzlers. Instead I would like to have customised and custom built cars for me that would be powered with the latest technologies like fuel cells and would not pollute the environment. For my day to day commute I could settle for smaller compact cars provided they have the auto drive feature built in so I do not have to deal with jostling with the traffic instead I can just sit back and enjoy my ride.

4)Wish No. 4: To See the world and travel in luxury. I see so many people from my office and even relatives traveling on holidays abroad. Most of these are on conducted tours operated by various travel agencies. My friends tell me that these trips are great when they bring back tales of travel from the foreign lands. As for me I would like to travel the world in a yacht and a personal jet. Visit all the countries that I want to and explore the lanes and by lanes of foreign cities.
Hey don’t raise an eyebrow and say that my wish list is unachievable. I have been working hard towards making it come true as I am a firm believer in hard work and the compounding power of money. Secondly we live in an era where inflation and price rise are a harsh reality and what we could buy in a 100 rupees is now available in 500 rupees. Besides my mom always says If you aim for 100% in the exams and work towards it than You may get 90-95 % or get more closer to your goal where as if you want just a first division or 60% then you might not even get there . So aiming high and working towards it diligently is important for me.

5) My 5th wish is to provide for my family a lifestyle  that I have always wanted to give them. Sustained resource for them to grow and comfort and amenities that they could possibly desire. I would very much wish this to happen for them and remain for them even when I am no longer alive.
With all these wishes fulfilled I would be able to live  #BefikarUmarBhar

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Asus ZenFone my ideal valentine

Valentine is the occasion for celebrating love and for falling in love one has to have the perfect partner. Talking about a partner the person has to be someone with whom you would like to spend a lot of time. When it comes to spending time the phone happens to be that one thing with which we spend the maximum amount of time in a day, so in a lot of ways our phone is our true love.
1)When  looking for a partner the first thing that catches one's attention is the look or the general appearance of the person or thing that becomes the object of your desire.

On this count the first thing that catches my eye is the Zen case that is an interchangeable color case that fits perfectly to the body of the ZenFone. Perhaps the saying that variety is the spice of life has been aptly coined keeping in mind the colorful cases that snugly hold the body of the phone. So changing the cover to match my clothes and mood makes the ZenFone a very desirable Valentine for me. It’s a feature that will find favor with all the fashion conscious people and the fashionista’s.
2) This phone is not just a beautiful and colorful phone but it has an Intel powered processor that makes it a beauty with brains.

Powered by the Intel Atom 2520 processor gives it has the power to deliver quality performance and efficiency that makes it standout in its class of phones. The beauty of this phone is that the processing power and efficiency do not put a strain on the battery life of the device . A thing that makes me its great fan and the Asus ZenFone is a great point of attraction for me.
3) If you have found some one whom you find to be interesting and would like to take your relationship to the next level then you need to spend quality time together to understand each other well. The long battery life of this ZenFone ensures just that

So I can play games on it or have long conversations with it without causing it to feel tired and drained .

4) The Asus ZenFone offers a dual sim feature that means that I can have two sims one for office and one for my personal calls and internet. This way my beloved that is in this case the Asus ZenFone can be with me 24X7. My ZenFone helps in keeping the balance between my official and personal life.


The dual sim of the Asus Zenfone offers feature like Dual standby and it supports speeds upto 42Mbps DC-HSPA+. Making it the ideal device to stream HD quality videos, watch Moves over the internet and search and view high quality multimedia content with very little or no buffer time.

5) People with similar interests having qualities that compliment each other often get along well. Its 5 element optical formula lens fuels my desire to take pictures and capture important moments of life forever. Its sensor has large photo-receptors and offers a wide aperture of f/2.0 .This would mean that even when an amateur like me takes pictures then the results would be better as more light would enter the lens and the resulting pictures would be more detailed and captivating.

Its 13 MP HD camera would ensure that I can capture and record events that happen around me in HD.

This is a  very serious attraction for me and the possibility of playing it back on the 6” HD display would give me the opportunity to checkout my videos then and there as I shoot them.
In my relation with the Asus ZenFone there would be no dull moments due to its 6” HD display that would always keep me engaged with some game or the other.

Your true love is always supposed to compliment you and in my case the excellent image quality will highlight all the pictures that I take with its magnificent 13 MP camera.
However its easy to understand features impress me the most ! I say this looking at the ZenUI that makes navigating and using the phone very easy . I can navigate and access all its features without getting lost in complex navigation maneuvers

I am smitten by this feature rich ASUS ZenFone and have compelling reasons to declare it as my ideal valentine. Getting this ASUS ZenFone is the best way to pamper myself for it offers a range of features that to me are like unconditional love from a device that is reliable,durable and long lasting .

One can buy this feature rich phone at and include it in our lives.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The 3 things that I want to happen now

There are so many things that I have been wanting to do and have been putting off for the future.One of these things  is my ardent desire to be at a clean beach with the cool breeze from the sea ruffling my hair and as I am walking on the sand with the waves coming and hitting my feet gently to have that feeling of the sand quivering and giving way under my feet as the waves retreat back. With not a single worry about the future and with all my time to myself I would enjoy the sunset and sunrise with my family. With the assurance is the underlying comfort that My and the future of my family is secure. What comes in between my dream and reality is the hectic work schedule and my deadlines at work.
The second thing that I would like to do is see the world and visit all those place that I have always cherished to see and enjoy. Perhaps I could stay at the best hotels and enjoy the food at the best restaurants in the cities that I visit.
The third thing that I have be putting off for the future is joining a gym or doing regular exercise to enjoy a healthy life.I know that I have been putting off for the future one of the most important aspect of my life.As there can nothing be better than a healthy life.
All my life I have been living under a budget,so I want freedom from it and want my money to work for me and give me a rich and resplendent life.All this can come true with proper money and time management.One day surely I would have my desires fulfilled and there would be no need to keep on postponing things for the future.

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My Mom A lady WIth many AND'S

I have always seen my mother with the label of a housewife ,the label of a mother,a label of a wife and numerous more.She has always been either a mother or a wife or a daughter inlaw.When I was very young my mother stepped out of these labels given to her.My mother is a person who loves her individuality and creativity.To proclaim her independence  she slipped out of the different labels assigned to her.She resisted being put in different boxes.It did not mean that she was turning her face away from her responsibilities but only proving to the world that she was an individual.She was not restricted by the label of OR but her life had endless opportunities with her role of a mother AND  a teacher AND an entrepreneur.
She was offered the post of a professor, a permanent teaching assignment in a college.At that time although she wanted to accept the offer she did not do so as I was very young and needed her.Perhaps it was the label of a mother which stopped her.This did not deter her and she waited for the appropriate time to break her labels.
When I was in high school she announced that the time had come for her to break free completely from the label of OR and don the mantle of AND.For her this was a gradual break as she had started shedding her labels when she started giving group tuitions at home and at the same time started attending computer classes.She had now donned the role of a teacher AND a student And then an entrepreneur as she started jewellery business with her savings.She still has the craving to do something new and don a new AND.She has now started giving voice overs and if you think that she is going to stop here,then you are mistaken as she has a long list of AND’S

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Quikr NXT Chat the game changer

With the advent of online selling sites we have all started posting ads for buying and selling online. This seems a great way of getting rid of things that we no longer need .At the same time we receive some cool cash for the articles lying around at home that would just eat dust and take up space.However on the flip side posting such advertisements involves posting our personal contact details as well.What this means is that my email and my phone number is there on the internet for anyone to see and exploit.This is the biggest reason that so many of us desist from posting and selling on online sites. With Quickr Nxt our online shopping and selling experiences are coming to change.The biggest advantage of using quikr Nxt is that we know longer have to share our phone number with the world.

This makes me jump with joy as I would not be targeted by marketeers who search the web for emails and phone numbers and bombard us the consumers with junk emails,phone calls and smses.Another advantage is that I can communicate with the buyer over the chat.
Quikr has thought of protecting the privacy of the site users and launched the Quikr Nxt Chat service to connect the buyers with the sellers.I see this as a great incentive to list all my unused items on their site For me.the biggest advantages of chat over a phone are
1) I can chat anytime and anywhere. When I am in the office, doing my office work or during a board meeting I can connect with a buyer or a seller over Quikr Nxt chat feature.It is also very useful for students who can use this feature to buy and sell old books, for the women folk it provides an extra level of security..
With this tool one can communicate with multiple buyers and sellers at the same time. This saves time and money. It also saves us from straining our vocal chords by repeating the same information again and again as we connect with various buyers.

2) I find the chat tool to be less intrusive to my privacy as I can always log out of it whenever I do not wish to be disturbed unlike a phone which I have to keep on 24x7. I say this based on my personal experience when I used to get calls inquiring about a product that I wanted to sell on an online site at odd hours. The calls kept on coming even after I had removed the listing.There was nothing I could do about these calls as my number had been noted and shared, and targeted by no of marketers.The chat gives you the ability to look up the chat history and review the conversation that you have had with the buyer or the seller.Unlike a phone where I had to take notes of what was discussed with each person.

3) The third biggest reason that I prefer chat over phone is that I can share photographs during the course of the conversation.As a buyer I get a visual picture about the condition of the product by looking at these pictures and as a seller it helps me provide authentic details about the product that I want to sell this saves useful times and money for both the buyer and the seller.

Truly I can endorse The Quikr Nxt slogan NO FIKAR CHAT QUIKR

Everyone can experience the carefree buying and selling with

Defining My MOM

I used to see my mom as just another housewife going about her life of attending to her daily chores and then she started a business. To manage her business better she enrolled herself in a computer class and with this class not she not only learnt a new skill but her perception of life and her ability to do things changed as well. I quote from her computer notes and her take on life in this reference
The year 1995 saw the birth of windows 95 . An operating system widely acclaimed for its ability to multitask and perform different roles at the same time. For example one could write a letter AND listen to music at the same time AND do the mathematical calculations on the calculator. No one batted an eyelid and this ability to multitask and perform various roles was greatly appreciated. When a man made machine can multitask everyone around it is appreciative and applauds the feat and sings accolades of people and the company that built the system. However when a girl or a women that is one of gods finest creation tries to perform various roles it is suddenly looked upon with doubt. A woman has co existed with man ever since the beginning of the species.So based on the inclination, interest and talent a women can perform all the tasks a man can as she has walked the same evolutionary path as man has. So why is it frowned upon when she wants to step out of the boundaries set for her. What gives men the right to label her to gender specific roles and put her in boxes. She should get equal opportunity to multitask and be what ever she wants to be . She can be a teacher AND a Singer AND a writer.
I am really curious to know that a phone that can make phone calls AND send messages AND play music AND take pictures AND has games on it is considered Smart however when a girl wants to perform multiple roles why are questions raised about her ability.

Is man trying to ascertain that an old pc or a smart phone are more intelligent and able to do multitasking and perform multiple roles better than a woman. Before you even begin to debate on this let me remind you that all these computers would not be present or perhaps not even existed had it not been for a lady called Ada Lovlace who is credited with writing the first computer program and is credited for viewing  a computer as more then a number crunching device. Had she been confined to being a housewife or a simple girl who stayed at home and devoted herself to domestic chores then perhaps we would not have all these multitasking devices. Its time for every girl and every woman to break away from the shackles of labels and roles. Don't let others decide for you what you can do. Its up to you to do this AND that AND anything else that you want to do, the sky is the limit you just have to believe in yourself AND act.
Now I see my mother as a multitasking computer with infinite ram never getting tired or crashing. Her software of inspiration never gets old as it keeps updating itself with new vigour and energy. She is adorable, full of love and compassion
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