Thursday, 20 February 2014

All documentary fans lets raise a toast for these Korean films at Berlin

Works by two South Korean directors won awards for best Asian pieces at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival, the directors’ representatives in Seoul said Sunday.
“A Dream of Iron” by Park Kyung-kun and “Non-Fiction Diary” by Jung Yoon-suk were the co-winners of the festival’s Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema prize, they said. The award is intended to foster the discovery of new talents.

“Non-Fiction Diary” is an expose documentary on Korea’s social issues of the 1990s. It was also recognized at the 2013 Busan International Film Festival with the Mecenat Award.

“A Dream of Iron,” also a documentary, traces Korea’s industrialization using steel as its main motif. Park’s previous works include “Cheonggyecheon Medley,” another documentary on Korea’s modern history, which was invited to the Berlin festival in 2011.

Korea Tourism Organisation India

More Sweet Treats for India From Korea

South Korea's biggest confectioner Lotte Confectionery Co. said Wednesday that it plans to build its second plant in India by July next year.

Lotte will spend 66 billion won ($61.8 million) to build the plant in the northern Haryana province, which will produce Choco Pies worth 38 billion won a year. Choco Pies, chocolate-covered, marshmallow-filled snack cakes, are one of the company's flagship products.

In 2010, Lotte built its first Indian plant in Chennai, a city on the country's southeastern coast.

The company tapped the country's confection market in May 2004 by taking over about an 80 percent stake in Parrys Confectionery Ltd., an Indian confectioner, whose name was changed to Lotte India Corp.

Lotte India posted 100 billion won in sales last year, the South Korean company said.

Lotte has looked to expand its business overseas as its 2013 earnings decreased due to an economic slump.  Last December, the company took ownership of K.S. Sulemanji Esmailji & Sons Ltd.

30.55 percent stake after buying a 69.45 percent stake in October 2010.  In July last year, Lotte acquired Kazakhstan's largest confectionery company, Rakhat JSC, in a bid to expand its presence in Central Asian countries.

Lotte Confectionery has four Chinese subsidiaries -- Lotte China Investment Co., Lotte China Foods Co., Lotte Qingdao Foods Co. and Lotte Ice (Shandong) Co. -- under its wings.

The local confectioner posted 54.79 billion won in net profit in 2013, down 39 percent from 89.78 billion won a year ago. Its operating profit tumbled 20.5 percent to 91.78 billion won, but sales rose 6 percent to 1.98 trillion won.

The company cited a protracted economic downturn as the main reason for its faltering 2013 performance.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I love U South Korea ishstyle!

How do you proclaim your love for your beloved ? you buy a gift spend valentine day and spend quality time together. However in Korea couples go one step forward they display their love for their beloved/partner by wearing matching outfits.
It could be socks, shirts, jackets or, more privately, underwear.
            This trend is picking up in South Korea and couples specially newly wed honeymooners can be spotted wearing same colored T-shirts ,Shorts or other accessories.
So next time you see couples on the beaches of south east asia sporting the twinned T-shirts or shorts, complete with “couple flip-flops.”  You would know it is their way of expressing love for their partner