Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Reality Check:Food in train to be fresh,hot and from your favourite Restaurant and at a discount

Do you often travel by train? or have you ever traveled by train then you must be wondering if the food served in trains is of high quality
When was the last time you traveled by train and were served food that was delicious, nutritious and from your favorite restaurant. This is the choice you get when you order your food 1 hour in advance.

For foodies like me who love their food even more so when they are traveling. There is good news. Now they can order food on that will be delivered when they reach the station.
This means they can be assured of piping hot fresh delicious food of their choice whenever and where ever  they are traveling by train.TravelKhana is bringing more and more stations on the map.

You Can even use a discount coupon and get 20% off on your order


Free Samples from P&G

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