Monday, 28 December 2015

Exploring my Fun Side with the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

Ever Since I can remember I was fascinated by the Star Wars Movies. I had an inkling that I was in someway connected to the star wars.
Maybe I was a lost Jedi


or door ka cousin of Yoda who got separated from him at the Kumbh Ka Mela in some Previous life of mine

Or like one day you discover that some distant long lost uncle of yours whom you never met and who lived in Africa has left all his riches for you 
I had the wish that Darth Vader would one day remember that I am his long lost nephew and the only relative of his and bestow upon me all his powers and best of all his light sabre.

 If you are reading this post of mine then you must be thinking why am I discussing my family tree over here?
Actually I have just come across the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

 This power packed Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is not just a power house of performance but it is an object of desire for any Star Wars movies fan.
For me it brings back memories of all the Star War movies that I have seen. It brings excitement and the  same rush of Adrenalin that I experience every time  I watch a Star Wars movie.
The only difference is that the nostalgia and power it wields over me is unimaginable.
Just looking at the exterior I feel I am part of the Star Wars Saga.
 The red back lit keyboard with its glow gives me the feel of holding my light Sabre. It wields both power and grants me control to the Star Wars Kingdom

The feel of being powerful is to be experienced to be believed. The red glowing keys are not there to give you just a feel of being powerful but they actually put the power of a Star Wars Space ship at your disposal. At the click of a button you get access to the Command Centre which gives you access to the Empire. And what an access it is.
You get access to over 11 images that span the journey of a 40 years Star Wars Movies legacy.

It gives me access to the control center from where I can unlock the treasure of the Star Wars galaxies.
It gives me access to a treasure of content hidden from the eyes of the universe for over forty years.

  behind the scene of Star Wars

If images are worth a thousand words than authentic star war sounds add more masala to the entertainment value.

If these collect-able memorabilia were not enough to floor any star wars fan then it is loaded with Bonus goodies

Just as Star Wars Movies appeal to the senses at various level so is this Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook . Here is a laptop that makes me feel that I am part of the Star Wars team and truly a citizen of Coruscant  This amazing laptop  comes loaded with the ability to write and communicate in Aurebesh which is the Galactic Base Standard language .

So much for the sources of inspiration
With so much inspiration I am bound to excel in what ever I do
So be it making animations
or Editing my movies
The Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook awakens my dark and the creative side
So much so that I am inspired to remake a lot of Bollywood movies by casting the characters from the Star Wars Movies

I cannot help but think how it would feel to have a remake of Mr India and the role of Mogambo would be done by Darth Vader and belt out his iconic lines

Star Wars is a cult film with a huge following yet there would be so many people untouched by the magic of the Star Wars movies, with this intention I would like to remake the Munnabhai Series with 
Darth Vader playing the role of Munna and who else but R2D2 to play the role of circuit. Any guesses about what the movie would be called?

Offcourse it would be called
Lage Raho Darth Vader Bhai!

So all the Star Wars Movie fans #AwakenYourForce and let us hold our Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook close to our hearts and inspired by this marvel of technology spread our love for the Star Wars.

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