Monday, 28 December 2015


The Dark side is always fascinating as it is full of intrigue and laden with unexplored power that is ready to be unleashed.
Yes I am in love with the Dark side for its sheer power just as the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook that beckons all mankind to #AwakenYourForce

Human beings are a complex species who are always attracted towards the dark side and dark forces. Be it life or films the bad boy always gets a lot of attention
For me the red glow of each key fires up my desire to pursue my own passion of movie making.

The Star Wars is indeed the fuel for imagination and inspiration for Science fiction and all movie buffs in general so the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is loaded with Stuff that would make any movie buff drool over as it. It  has some collector items stored on this  notebook computer that is much more then any other notebook has.It is laden with Star Wars goodies and memorabilia.

"Completely immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars™ universe. This notebook comes preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars archives."
Star Wars has over a 40 years history and this laptop is loaded with over 1100 images from this 40 years legacy and has images of original art work ,behind the scene art works and some storyboards that were never accessible to the Star Wars Fans.

As a Star Wars fan I use to crave to have a poster of R2D2 and the characters holding their light sabres.
This notebook is the answer to a lot of my prayers As now I can have a notebook where the standard notifications have been replaced with the iconic star wars sounds so the familiar sound of R2D2 and light sabres are never far away.Star war themed wall papers ensure that the Star Wars Saga keeps unfolding around me through this sleek notebook computer.

Then there is the not to be missed bonus in the form of The first Marvel Star Wars™ comic in the series, e-book excerpts from the Star Wars™ Universe and Star Wars™ movie trailers all come pre-loaded on the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.

If this were not enough it has the Aurebesh font that would let me type like the citizens of Coruscant.
Incidentally Aubesh is the Galactic Base Standard language that comes loaded in the font library of the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.
Wow so I can just type in I love the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook
and it would read

I love the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

So if any body intercept's a message which reads
Then please don't try to block it as it means "I love You" and it is meant for Rey,R2D2 ,Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and each and every character,actors,technicians and the team members who have made Star War movies into epic cult classics. 

It is a power house of performance with its Full HD,2 Intel® Core TM i5 processor,1 red backlit keyboard, and Audio by B&O PLAY, you'll revel in its galaxy-spanning power. Be prepared to surrender all of your senses.
Making it the perfect choice for playing games and rendering animations and editing my movies

It has a Full HD anti glare display with a dazzling view with an extra wide viewing angle that enhances the viewing pleasure of watching movies and playing games  on the 39.62cm (15.6") diagonal FHD anti-glare display. 2
This would ensure that I can view all my videos and games with utmost clarity and with minimal eye strain

Watching movies would never be the same again on this laptop with the
Audio by B&O PLAY
. Don't just listen. Let HP with Audio by B&O PLAY move you.

With so many features and power under its hood the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook truly makes me feel that "the force is with me".
With so much power,art and creativity around me I am inspired to draw, sketch and animate all my favorite Star Wars characters on this new  Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook and pay my tribute to  this great Saga of technology and Story Telling.

To all the dreamers and lovers of the Star Wars Movies I have only one thing to say #AwakenYourForce and may the force be with you


  1. Written like a Star Wars fan. :) Best of luck.

    1. Thanks a lot Rahul! good luck to you too :)