Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Bangalore Diaries

Thinking of Bangalore the first thing that comes to my mind are the lush green farms on its outskirts . The retired folks who decided to settle there after a long hardworking life.
Connect The beautiful Bangalore airport that connects the beautiful city to the rest of the world. For me it is the pearl of the south or let me say India.This beautiful city is not only connected by air though its vast and extensive airport but also through road and rail. For commuting within the city it has a wonderful network of roads  and a well developed transport system.
The Design of Bangalore is such that it is a mix of the old and the new. On one side are the old houses build by people decades ago and on the other side are the multistory housing complexes that house so many people who are drawn to this city for various employment opportunities. Be it in the field of information technology or other multinational employers who have their offices in Bangalore. The design of city is such that it preserves the old palaces and buildings of the era gone bye along with giving opportunities of growth and expansion to new ideas and structures. That is the reason that Bangalore has become the Information Capital of India. The appeal and planning of this well designed struch ensures that infrastructure  and opportunities are a plenty both for the employes as well as employees. The result is that there are more then 1500 Information Technology companies in Bangalore or Bangaluru as some people like to call it.Its not just IT but a host of other companies which include more 650 multinational companies over 66 global fortune 500 companies call Banguluru their home apart from numerous home grown industries.
All this infrastructure would not have been possible had it not been for the DRIVE of the people of Bangaluru. Talking of Drive I loved to go on long drives on the roads of Bangaluru specially at night. There was a time when people used to head towards south Banguluru SB to get some mouth watering lip smacking food but not now a days I find good food is available in practically every part of the city. I would not be surprised if people begin to call Banguluru as the food capital of the country. Going for a drive to nearby places like Ooty and Mysore is such a great way to rewind and refresh but on second thoughts Banguluru is the place where the people work hard and party harder making every day feel like a paid working holiday . The office culture is good and so is the weather making it the best city in terms of Design, Drive and   Connect 

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