Thursday, 1 June 2017

Watch The House of Cards Season 5 before the Cards Reshuffle

House of Cards Season 5 "Homecoming of Terror" is a gripping political drama with several under currents and with an element of the unexpected built into the story line. There is much more then meets the eye. People take a stand not based on what is right or wrong but on what benefits them.

The story line is interesting and acting is up to the mark. The female protagonist Claire played by Robin Wright is shown to be calculating and cold and Kevin Spacey as Francis "Frank" J. Underwood matches her calculative and manipulative character.

The Underwood's portray cold and ruthless politician's who have a hidden agenda in whatever they do.

House of Cards Season 5 "Homecoming of Terror" is here and indeed it starts in a style of its own.

The show starts with Claire staring into the camera looking right into your eyes .Her cold stare is enough to bring a chill down your spine.

Spoiler for House of Cards Season 5 Episode 1

Even though this is shown as a scene of a shoot but one thing is quite clear from the narrative style that this series does not use any scene to gain footage. Everything is deftly woven into the story line as a tale of power and political intrigue unfolds.

The story continues from the concluding episode of season 4 in which the supposedly ICO terrorists had captured the Miller family.

The Underwood's had managed to negotiate the release of the mother daughter duo Caroline and Melisa however Melissa's father was ruthlessly beheaded live on TV.

So what do the Underwood's do? They do what they are best at. They use the attack on the American family to their advantage as they declare a war on the face of terror ICO to meet their own political ends.

Going by the narrative style of the series the story unfolds at two levels. On the surface the Underwood's use their power to manipulate the situations to meet their own ends and on a more subtle level there is an underlying narrative that drops hints into what may or may not happen in the coming episodes as the story unfolds.To add to the drama there are plenty of hints that Claire's own political aspirations are ready to take wings.

It is interesting to see how the series progresses.
On the surface of it their would be the power wielding Underwood's trying hard to cling on to power and use every trick in the book to come up trumps and on the other hand are their political rivals doing everything they can to uncover their misdoings

Over all it is a gripping story line with scenes well placed and interconnected. The portrayal of the characters makes it even more riveting.

With references to real life political events, House of Cards Season 5 manages to open a window into the dark aisles of power and give an insight into the games of power that are played.

A must watch political drama that is not to be missed.
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